Job Offer - Programmer Looking for box2d physics developer



Hey everybody!

Looking someone who could develop box2d physics platformer engine with some custom features. If you think you are intrested and want to know more contact me by email -

Basically what's needed in engine:
- Player movement on different shapes(Also enemies).
- Basic enemy AI that follows player if near and jumps when needed(Enemy avoids water, but possible to fall into water when player throws them with rocks)
- Throwable rocks from ground. Player can go near little stones and pick it up and throw it facing direction.
- Water physics - player can swim in it.
- 2 directional elevators(up and down/left and right)
- 2 types of ropes. One is only hanging and player dont interact with it when connected. Second rope type is when player connects with it, then player attaches to it and can swing with it
- Ladders up and down
- Push/pull boxes. Player can push box and can pull box if some key is pressed.

If its something that you could do! Contact me and tell me your quote for the project!

It does not have to be done100% with box2d but the physics could be close as!

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