Team Request looking for artists for top down ARPG and others willing to help


Skull dog

The game will be a top down ARPG with heavy story elements. Fantasy themed. A prototype is finished and the design document is finished. So far there is two people working on this project. Me, who will be the writer and designer, and one programmer.

The Story. The player character wakes up and find them self stuck in a underground caves system called the Pits. The player is forced to be a gladiator that fights monsters in a arena. The only way to leave the Pits i through a hole in a ceiling that no one can get to. As long as the gladiators continue to fight in the arena the outside force that put them there will gave them food to survive. because of this a society of gladiators was created. The person that controls the society of gladiators is someone known as the King.

The player has to find a way to escape but that is impossible unless the player can convince everyone in the Pits to escape with you. But no one but you wants to leave the Pits. The game has the player moving up the ranks of the gladiators while exploring the many secrets of the pits. The player will eventually find out the truth of the Pits and why it was created.

The game needs sprite artist and others willing to help.

PM me for more information.
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