Portfolio - General Looking for Any Projects Accepting Newbies (Prefer RPGs)


I've been learning GML for a few months, and I am coming along. I can navigate the system well, use the debugger, I have a general understanding of a lot of built-in variables and events within objects. But I have also come to realize that, without other individuals to work with, I am struggling very hard with building drive. I want to help out with a project, in some way, in the hopes of learning a lot of missing pieces and to help get my passion going. And mostly just to have some fun.

First thing you should know is I'm full of big ideas. I can't follow up on a lot of them, it seems, but I feel like maybe it's because I'm trying to do it all myself (and they're always massive). My progress is just painfully slow, or at least I can't be satisfied with it. I really love RPGs, and if anyone is working on something turn-based in particular I would love to work with you on it. On top of that, if you want to hear about the structure of any of my fantasy worlds (conceptually of course) ask me! When it comes down to it that's what I think I'm best at, the concept work. Trying to build believable worlds. But really, I'll work with you on anything. I just want to learn, and have someone or a team to actually talk to on the way.

Thanks for your consideration.
I'll leave you with a few cool concept pieces if you're interested. I think they're cool at least, haha.




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