Portfolio - Audio Looking for a team to create a game and compose


Hey all,

i would like to offer myself to help your games with my music. I dont want just to put something online for grabs, but be a part of a team or try to make something ready with you.

I am 31 years old myself and made music my whole life. Honestly sometimes more often then other times but still :D

I work with cubase and also have tons of high quality instruments which i have legally purchased and have the rights to produce with them.

I have no completed games so far. The project i made some music for didnt went to far in their production.

I do also have a bit of experience as a game producer and would love to help you creatively in what part you want feedback and help him. As long as it is Game Design - Writing or, best of all, compose ;)

So here is my offer:

If you are making a game which is planned to make money, i would like to find a solution like a cut from the profits etc. (i need food too D: )

If you are making a game which wont cost at all, i would do my work for free. If you are doing your game for free now but think about making money with it its fine. I work for free now and we see what happens if you got further.

So to close this of, have some samples or full clips from some of my music.

All of these tracks are not used in any game etc yet. If you find these interesting and think about implenenting them, please give me a chat and we talk about it. I would love to get credit and maybe make it fit even better for your game.

8 Bit:



Creepy Ambient:








https://soundcloud.com/atramusics/lighthousedeath/s-9KwO9 (please note that the voice is supposed to have a text normally. Its just a placeholder




(just piano but i think it fits) https://soundcloud.com/atramusics/jump-into-the-unknown

I would love to be part of your team and help you make something awesome :)