Job Offer - Programmer Looking for a Programer to Help with a Trump Game already on Google Playstore



Hi everyone I made a Trump Game its in the Google Play Store Right now. I Have a few things that I need to get done to really finish this up and make it a complete game. I have been having trouble getting the ads interrelated. using admob for banner ad and adcolonly for video ads after game over. I also need a high score system and would like to make this game better overall. Like creating a shop and getting rid of some of the bugs and what not. Looking for help and willing to give % of profit. The code is well committed on and easy to understand. this is my 1st game game or program for that matter that I ever created. Here is a link to the game I made this far and let me know What you think. I hope to get some real help on this and maybe for future endeavors. Oh and I should say That I've only been using game maker for about 5 months. I work a full time job and have a family as well.
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Hey there,
I can help you.
i have successfully using admob and adcolony in My game and have a facebook integrated system for highscore.
Also i have successfully used IAPs.
PM me if you are intrested.