Team Request Looking for a Pixel Artist/Animator



Before reading this thread, be aware that this is a 0 budget game, so this is not a paid offer !

We are a small team of 4 (well, more like 3.5) french people working hard on an Hardocre Top-down Action RPG called Inmortis for almost 1 year.

Actually the team is composed of a level designer / beginner pixel artist for the environment, a music composer, an UI/UX designer, and myself, working both on character design/animation and programming.

Here's some example of what the game looks like for now:

You can find more gif on our twitter page.

Don't get me wrong, I love doing pixel art and animations, but as the project grows up, its too much work for just one person to do both code and so much pixel art, and still being a beginner having a lot to learn about pixel art doesn't help either.

We plan to do a kickstarter when the game will have more content, since the core gameplay is almost finished, this'll be the only form of payement we could promise.

If you're interested, this is what we expect:
  1. We are not looking for a temporary pixel artist doing just some assets, if you want to join the project (and I hope I gave you the will to do so c: ), you'll be part of the team, we dont want to have a game full of assets coming from different artist with no visual cohesion.
  2. Since its a 100% baguette eater team, speaking french would be really helpful for obvious reasons.
  3. Dont be afraid to work a lot, we want to do a game worthy of a Kickstarter, and this is not possible without saying goodbye to a good part of your free-time.
  4. Having a Discord account would be great.
  5. knowledge in (I hate to use this term) "Souls-like games" is important to understand how to create challenging moveset.
  6. A general interest for Dark Fantasy.
  7. Dont worry about skill, as long as you can do better than my crappy animations, it'll be good :)
If you think you fit the profile and you're still interested then you can contact me on or just via PM.​

Thanks ! :)