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Team Request Looking for a new project


Hey what's up guys. I'm looking for an interesting project to work on because I have a reasonable amount of free time at the moment. I work a full time job as a programmer, so I won't be "full time" on any game project, but I typically have a few spare hours per weekday.

I have an associate's degree in video game design & development (really) and I've worked professionally as a windows, mobile, and web developer. I am not a particularly talented artist, but I have a design background and am capable of helping with artwork, music, and sound effects. I started with gamemaker 5 in college in the early 2000s and I'm pretty comfortable with GML.

What I'm looking for right now is a small project, that has a very realistic possibility of release. I've been doing the work-on-games-that-never-get-completed thing for years and I really want to get something published. My preference would be to release on Steam, but I am open to other possibilities.

I have full versions of GMS 2, photoshop, premiere, and pyxel edit and I have fairly extensive experience with project management. I'm down for revenue sharing, or whatever. I would also consider joining a project that's already in progress if it's interesting and still relatively early in development.

Here are a few WIP samples of projects I've been part of:





Hey there, I would be interested in discussing things with you :).

Please message me directly, I haven't used this forum since the days of GMC and can't find the button to message you directly.