Job Offer - Artist Looking for a collaboration with a 2D pixel artist.


Hello my name is Mario!, i am developer of Fallen Threats on Steam and i am looking for a collab with a 2D pixel artist, i am a programmer who started since i was 13 now i am 20, i have a real big idea of a game, there will be no payment for now, i see this as an oportunity to grow the skills we have and dive into the game development world as a team, my plan is to publish this game to Steam and earn some money.

Sorry if my English is not that well, but it is not my native language.

Hope you are interested to make a collab.


Forum Staff
Please change the topic tag to Team Request (as this is not a paid offer) and add a project presentation (description, screenshots, videos...) - this will make it more likely to attract potential applicants. A lot of people have real big ideas for games, so you have to make yours stand out! ;)