Job Offer - Artist Looking for 2D artist for prototype (Payed after kickstarter)


T. Brugel

Hi everyone!
I am currently looking for 2D artists for my project.
I want to make a quick prototype to show off on my Kickstarter page, which I want to start in about a month from now.
I do not have money to pay right now, but if the Kickstarter campaign goes well I will pay you back for your work!
If you are still interested, please read on below about the project I am planning to make.

About the game
The game is going to be a multiplayer football game, but not just another boring football game like FIFA...
I do not like football that much myself to be honest xD But I am interested in the idea Im having for this game.
Its going to be a moba-like beat-em-up footballgame.
Teams of 3v3 players fight each other to death in the stadium.
Who scores the most, wins the match ofcourse, but killing is allowed.
I am planning on creating multiple diverse characters to unlock and play with.
Every character will have their own set of stats and abilities.
It will have a 2.5D perspective.
I am currently interested in almost any art style.
I just need to get a quick prototype/demo out for the public to (hopefully) crowdfund it so I can pay back the people who have worked for me, and get some advertising going.

Some rough sketches and images

Character design sketch for "Vincent", a playable hero in the game

Current development plan for the game

Sadly enough there is not more to show because of the fact that I am just starting out with this project.

If you are interested in working with me, please send me an e-mail to this adress:

if you for one reason or another cannot mail me, send me a PM through the YoYoGames forums.

Thanks for reading this post!
Cheers, Tobias!
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T. Brugel


I am pleased to introduce myself, I am Ashley Hannes, a professional mobile game and app developer. I am associated with Red Apple Technologies. Basically, Red Apple Technologies is a reputed mobile app, mobile game and 2D/3D art designing company. We have a specialized mobile apps and mobile game development team and we are successfully working on different mobile games, mobile apps and 2D/3D art designing projects.

So, you can consider us for this 2D artist. You can directly contact us though our website or reply me this thread.

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Ashley Hannes
Hi there!
I would love to work with you!
I saw some of the art styles on your website, it looks very polished and professional!
You do understand that I am still 17 years old and do not have money yet?
I can pay you back for your services, only if the kickstarter campaign is succesful.
For contact, I prefer using Skype or Discord.
I am looking forward to working together :)