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Location of Android drivers and how to install


Hello all,

The most recent thread I could see addressing this issue is from 4 years ago, and I understand that technology has evolved since then.

I am trying to compile a mobile app for Android, and the APK file seems to generate just fine. However, I still get a failure message at the end, and the log says "no devices/emulators found" even when I have my Android connected.

Can someone point me to where I can get the proper drivers for this? And is there a specific way I have to install them?



The exact driver should be available on the official website for your device's manufacturer. For Google devices, the driver can be installed in the SDK Manager as "Google USB Driver" (under SDK Tools). Once you install that, make sure to enable USB debugging on the device.

To check your setup, connect your device and run adb devices in the command line. You should see at least one line showing a device ID followed by the word device.

Edit: Just noticed that you're posting this on the Legacy section. The Android export on GMS 1.4 can no longer be submitted to Google Play because they now require 64-bit binaries, and same with the iOS export on the iOS Store. If you stick with GMS 1.4, remember that the only Android devices you can now develop for are your own.