Free Loading Stories: Treadmill


Few days ago I have finished my new little game project, the frenetic-button-smashing experience ->

I am still learning the GML and wanted to start a small series in which I will learn something new and each story will include a loading screen somehow. In this first story we have a loading bar that needs to be filled by a little guy running on a treadmill.
All started with me doing this little gif, that basically sums up the whole game. Now it is just up to you to give it a try, and perhaps beat the score of others. It might not be that easy as it could look at the first sight.
Since my experience is that majority of players does not read tutorials nor any text that is included in game description, my goal is to create as intuitive experience as possible, however it is fair to say, that with project little like this, I have left few 'stones' unturned, so player have at least something to discover.

Would love to hear any feedback or cc,
Thank you very much for your time,

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