GML Loading data for a script is not working.

I am building a clicking simulator game and I want the game to save and load to where you left off last time you played. The amount of clicks stored is working just fine and want to check if I pressed a button already. Pressing a button will give me more "clicks" per second which is checked in a script like this.
Text Clicking Simulator - GameMaker Studio 2_ 2021-07-23 6_24_07 PM.png
There is a game object that will store this script for other children of the object that will function the same way. The alarm is supposed to give me points which vary depending on the child game object.
Text Clicking Simulator - GameMaker Studio 2_ 2021-07-23 6_25_12 PM.png
I want to load an ini file for the game object somewhere in this code but after I close the game and reopen it, it saves the value but the alarm doesn't start. Can anyone help?
I also figured out that the alarm wasn't starting but that was because it was set to 0 and I fixed that by changing the alarm[0] to 60 so disregard that alarm being a zero value.


Please post in code blocks as recommended in the pinned guidelines, that way it won't be hard to read and we can easily edit it..
Oh Okay. I have decided that I am changing how it works. Instead of a shop system, I am doing an upgrade system. It will be easier to code.