Little Knights

Little Knights
beat em up if fantasy world based on XVII century western europe.
Game is inspired by games like Little Fighters 2 and Double Dragon.
Choose one of four characters with different combo and defeat waves of enemie soldiers,
monsters and various bosses!

Planned premiere: Spring of 2018 (i hope!)
You can find new informations about project on my website
and Twitter:

I am not sure why, but I really like the artwork. It is pixelly and sort of messy to look at, but I think it works really well too.


I think this looks great!
since i'm an artist i will only critique the aesthetics :D

i would rework the ui, look up some nice ref pics of games you like or that have a style that you aim for and get inspired by that... usually we dont actively pay attention to the ui when we play games, so when we have to make one ourselves we're not sure what to do.

the dark background layer creates a lot of contrast, you want the most contrast to be where the player is suppossed to look at (the characters), so maybe try around and give it some nice athmospheric fog as you would get in real life:

notice how the mountains in the back have a blue tint and a much lighter value than the ones in the front.
in your case you could try a red tint, since your sky is red/orange

animations looks great to me!
Well..yes, interface definitely need some work and true, maybe the backgrounds should be a little softer:)
Thanks for advices:)


good points, milch- just like you said i didn't actively think of the background/gui at first, lol.

the game looks cool. i was going to ask how'd you do the character artwork?
it has an interesting feel, like almost like 2d, pixelated renderings of 3d models or something?