Android Little Economist [Android] idle/clicker game, my first real project. Feedback appreciated :)


Hey guys,

I've been now studying Game Maker for nearly a year now during my free time.
I just finished my first actual game (after the previous training project):

Little Economist

The purpose of the game is to work (click a lot), invest money in stocks (gain idle income, also while game is closed)

Please tell what do you guys think. Is this totally bad? What I could improve? Especially I am interested what do you think how are all of the menus working, are fonts okay and the whole layout, how is it?

There is no sound in the game, do you think it needs them?

How do you think I have applied the AD-system? When you do clicking, you have a small change of finding a rare diamond which gets you upgrades. When you watch an AD, you get a free diamond. Also after every few minutes you get a notification that if you watch an AD, you get a permanent salary raise (more money when clicking).

Google Play download link:


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