Article List of FREE tools and websites for game creation

A list of very usefull and FREE for both commercial and non-commercial use softwares, links and tools used for game creation. These lists can be expanded by other users' contributions.

Feel free to suggest new or alternatives by commenting. Every section below follow their listed guidelines. Please note that this thread is for FREE tools, so paid, sharewares or demos are not welcomed here unless a free version is fully functional with no time limit and no ads.

Downloadable Softwares

The softwares on this list will follow these guidelines:
  • Works, at least, under Windows
  • Must be used under a game creation process (marketing, preview, import, export, graphics, sound, music, video, etc...)
  • Downloadable and free of malicious software
  • No assets from the marketplace as it absolutely requires a YoyoGames account
  • In the same line of though as the previous guildeline, softwares that require accounts to be used or downloaded won't be added to this list.
Alternatives can be accepted but I will have a look at it first before adding it to this list. Accepted alternatives should offer more functionalities, easier to use or more modern interface. Some alternatives could be accepted if they have similar functionalities with a different user-friendly interface that follow the guidelines above.

2D Graphic tools:
  • Paint.NET:
    A bitmap image editor with numorous functionalities and a large range of addons for additional effects and renders. Saves in all major image formats. Works using layers for easy editing. A very good alternative for those wanting an Adobe Photoshop replacement.

  • Krita:
    A very nice Paint.NET alternative. Very nice GUI, professionnal and well worth the download. A nice bitmap editor with very professional tools and easy to use. Out of the box, it permits a lot of manipulations for your image and many drawing tools to make your game graphics come to life.

  • RealWorld Paint:
    Some may say that RealWorld Paint is much more complete than Paint.NET. In some ways it is but other may find it's user interface a bit more complicated but seeing that this software can export in SVG format, work with vector graphics and permits perspective modifications of images, it make's it a nice tool to have for other image needs. It exports in major image formats including Paint.NET, Photoshop and WebP.

  • Greenfish Icon Editor Pro:
    A full featured icon creator and editor. It also exports in all major image file formats. Can easily create gif animations. It's a very nice tool for small pixely images for those creating old-school games. A very nice and professional tool. It supports bigger images but Paint.NET or RealWorld Paint would be more recommended for images bigger than 512x512.

  • Inkscape:
    A very popular vector tool with lots of tutorials, a nice comunity, lots of examples. An excellent tool to replace Adobe Illustrator if you feel that the later is a bit too expensive to begin with.

  • GraphicsGale:
    Seems to be a popular software for some 2D artists. I personally don't like the Windows 95 interface. It does though export animations as sprite sheets or AVI. But again, after spending over 5 minutes in it, without any tutorial, I could not add a single frame to my animation, the button is there but it seems that I do not know how to work with it. So this is an advanced animation software for 2D graphics but be prepared for a bit of training and get used to. This software is now completely free.

  • GIMP:
    I was not supposed to put this in this list. Not because it's not a good software but because of it's learning curve. But, I've had and seen a few requests and posts and seeing that a lot of people use, I can't help but to put this powerfull image editor in this list. Supports 3rd party plugins, lot's of help. If you don't mind the awkward interface, you'll end up using a professionnal, yet, free 2D image tool. With the help of plugins you can edit GIfs and other file formats.

  • Piskel:
    I hesitated to put this one up as many of the software above will permit to create similar things. But as a basic Pixel Sprite editor, it's clean and nice. The interface is bbasic and easy to understand. AND they also have an online version which make's it cool. Since this software is pretty similar to others, I'll mention it juste here and not on the onlibe tools below but I had to put it somewhere as it's a nice free software indeed.
3D Graphic tools:
  • Blender:
    I could not limit the softwares to my own understandings so be prepared for a bit of reading and learning before using this powerfull software. Imagination is your limit with this software when talking about 3D creations, from animated sequences to full scenes. It also has plenty of tutorials, export scripts and much more for 3D game creators. It's probably one of the most complete free 3D professional tool you will find. There's also a few tools and scripts you can find to export in GameMaker.

  • Sweet Home 3D:
    At first, you may think this does not belong here but for a free software and those creating 3D games, it can workout to be a very neat tool with an easy to understand user interface. It permits to export in OBJ format and create videos out of your creations. At its base, it's a plan creator but it is not limited to just making your bathroom plan as you can create objects and much more with this sweet application. You also have a bunch of additional 3D objects you can import from their website apart from what is already in the software.

  • MagicaVoxel:
    OK, first, I do not use or work with voxels. BUT seeing that I try to try most of the softwares in this list to see if they apply to the guidelines, I must say that I am pretty impressed with the simplicity of this little free software for those working with voxels. If you find something even more simple that this and as fast as this, please share, but after spending not more that 2 minutes, I got the hang on a few things without having any clue of what a voxel was so for those working with voxels, you'll probably find this tool VERY easy to use and understand.

  • Materialize:
    A very simply software permitting you to take an image and create your material from it defining it's shininess, height maps, normals etc. The interface takes some time to get use to if you just fiddle arround with it (like I do) but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. If you check 1 or 2 tutorials out, you'll be creating your materials within minutes.
Other graphical tools:
  • Tiled:
    Also known as Tile Map Editor or Map Editor. This software seems a bit complex to begin with but after a glance or 2 at the basic help documents online, you have a very nice tile tool for your game creation process. It can export a GameMaker Studio room with the tiles you setup. It also has built-in tile animation and a few others tools for those working with overworld maps or platform style gaming.

  • DragonBones:
    For those creating animations using bones and skeletons, this is a neat little software with a nice GUI. I personnally don't use skeletons but I've been able to work in it using my logics without any to much complicated keyboard shortcuts. Just a note that the Windows version is downloadable through their downloads section as the link on their homepage seems broken.

  • AutoTiles Helper:
    I fell on this nice little software created for GMS2 users or any other tile users out there like me. This software will actually take a 6 tile tileset and convert it to a 47 tile tileset correctly ordered for GMS2 if you need it there. Extremely usefull and an almost must have for those using old tilesets that do not want to remake them. There is a direct download link in the thread but also a marketplace download so it's there for whoever needs it whereever they need it.

  • Color Quantizer:
    This little tool was submitted by a user who gave a pretty good explanation on what this does. This little software can drastically reduce the size of your PNG images without loosing much quality. Please refer to his post HERE to know a bit more on how usefull this can become in your game.

  • Codehead's Bitmap Font Generator:
    A simple tool that permits to export one of your installed fonts as a bitmap image for your game. Has numourous options. I don't personally use fonts as strips but the process of having font strips is very popular in games so I had to put this nice and simple software here.

  • KumoWorks:
    The name does not do this program justice. This is a very well thought CLOUD DESIGNER/GENERATOR. Yes, you read it properly, you simply draw a closed free hand outline, hit "Enter" and the engine generates an awsome looking cloud. With my tests on my modest, too old computer after my big i7 crash last year and a big lack of budget, this software's rendering was very slow on my Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU. And as stated by Rayek, the user who submitted this fabulous tool, this app does use your CPU, check Rayek's post here for a short video. So expect a bit of waiting for cloud generation depending on your specs, but the final effect is beautiful. You can change sun direction (don't forget to re-render after you moved it) and of course set a bunch of different options. You also have predefined clouds like volcanic clouds or smoother clouds. Any person that want nice, close to realistic, clouds will love the simplicity of this program.
Video and screen capture:
  • OBS Studio:
    A very complete simple video capture software that can capture more than one sources at a time. This software can ease out the creation of a marketing video for your game. It's one of the easiest to configure and use screen recording software giving you, out-of-the-box, a nice resolution with a good compression ratio of what you record. It comes with a small very basic video editor but the fun thing is that you can see a live preview during your screen setup seeing your webcam and your screen at the same time before recording.

  • Greenshot:
    A very simple but nice little screen capturing software. It permits the use of custom keys and automatic export and save functions. Basically, capture your screen and make it save it automatically without any prompts. Very usefull. You can also add other plugins for various uses that I'm sure others will find usefull. It's discreet and stays in the tray area.

  • Screen to Gif:
    I just fell on this very easy, so beautiful little program that permits to capture part of your screen as a GIF image, hence its name, Screen to Gif. It also has a very usefull built-in editor that will give you all your basic tools to create a short Gif. As to save as GIF, there is not problem but there is a few bugs here and there BUT if all you want is to save as a GIF, it works flawlessly and the user interface is a real charm.

  • GifCam and VClip:
    I must admit that for the single executables and simplicity of these screen capturing softwares, they MUST be in this list. 2 VERY neat tools that capture screen as GIF or Video. Both softwares are easily available on the website in their respective tabs. Just a note, the download links seem to be at the very bottom of the software presentations.
  • Audacity:
    A very well known sound recorder and editor. Plenty of functionalities. It pretty much sums it all up.

  • LMMS:
    A nice software used to create musics and sounds for your games. The user interface feels good and clean. The learning curve is not too steep as by fiddling arround in it without any tutorials you can already make a few sounds come out easily. Exports in WAV and OGG but you can easily use a conversion software or use Audacity for other export options. Comes with a few plugins and others can be downloaded.

  • SFXR:
    A very small application that can be very usefull for generating sound effects. The interface is VERY basic but you don't need a complicated interface to hear sounds. It has predefined random sound generators for coins and lasers, for example. If you prefer a web based software of this type, check BFXR in the usefull links section.

  • LabChirp:
    Another sound creation utility. After fiddling arround with it a bit. I found it pretty usefull for loop sounds although it is not limited to such sounds. Exports in WAV format, no installation required, just a simple zip file to unzip. The interface is, to my opinion, outdated and could use a bit more fine-tuning but for audio fans out there, they may feel at home pretty quickly as there's lots to customize for such a small software.

  • Bosca Ceoil:
    A very neat simple beat maker with lots of possibilities to arrange more than just beats. A VERY VERY simple user interface that to my opinion, could be much more to the taste of today's technology, but it comes with lots of instruments and is very easy to understand and use. Small note: It has an online version which uses Flash but I could not have it opened in Firefox. But I downloaded it and I was not dissapointed even with it's clickable DOS like user interface.
Script Editors:
  • GMEdit:
    As a user stated which is so true: "GMS2 also has a built in image editor yet most people use external tools for that. Options are a good thing.". Another user gave us a brief list of features: "It also has all events for an object into a single listing with pre-set code folding. All rooms' creation code in one listing as well. It makes navigation between code files a joy. Not to mention the countless useful features like namespaces and optional typing in variable declaration. And its a WIP...if you're finished with assets and want to focus on the logic, nothing beats an external editor."
Usefull links

Websites listed here can be very helpfull if you don't feel like installing anything. Downloadable is optionalal here. Links in this list should follow these guidelines:
  • Content available for free (NO credits should be needed to use the contents)
  • No registration should be required to access it's contents
  • Stay in the scope of game creation tools or resources
  • No embarrassing, annoying, undesired or shocking ads (Bassically, ads are OK but there's a limit)
  • Should not contain any downloads to malicious softwares
Programming and scripts
  • GML Scripts:
    Very nice website containing lots of scripts that are very usefull but not necessarly part of the built-in GameMaker functions. Some of these are very usefull and can save lots of time when programming.

  • GM Toolbox:
    This website contains a bunch of usefull DLLs and other extensions for advanced functionalities in your game.
Sound and Music
  • BFXR:
    I actually used this to create some jumping sound and other small sound effects. It's pretty neat although the interface seems outdated, its functionalities are pretty good seeing that it's offered integrated on a website and no installation is needed. If you only need a temporary access to sound creation without downloading anything else but your sound file, this website is a very good start.

  • ChipTone:
    This web-based engine does pretty much the same thing as BFXR above but with a very different user interface, modern and fun to look at. It will generate sound effects for your games and also permit you to adjust your sound settings in a very nice intuitive way. Exports in WAV format.

  • BeepBox:
    A very easy to use online tool for creating old-school effects and music. It only took me a minute to understand how to work it out and you can make pretty impressive stuff from this nifty little sound and music online tool. Be sure to check that out if you want invent sounds or musics on the fly without additional software. Exports/Downloads in common audio file types.

  • Tamara Ryan (Voice actors):
    I struggled to put this link as most of the content seems payed BUT, I fell on a small section where you can actually hire for FREE some voice acting people. You can find a pretty neat section of voicing for your games and that for no cost. I did not check the whole website though, so if someone finds something else, please, don't hesitate to post it here too.

  • Sound Jay:
    A very nice website for sounds free to use WITHOUT credits in your games. The only restrictions is not to use the sounds within music or other sounds derieved from their sounds without proper permission. The terms of use are pretty clear. But nice database of sounds wich can be used in games.

  • Online MP3 Cutter:
    Supports more than just MP3s. A very usefull website if all you need is to trim a part of an audio file for your game without having to install a full audio editor. Interface is extremely simple. The tools are basic but work real good and the downloading is fast and easy. A simple audio cutting tool on a simple website.
  • CoolText Graphics Generator:
    A very neat little website for those in need of original, free to use, titles, game fonts and other text related stuff. It gives numourous possibilities with lots of different font to draw in many different styles. If you are out of ideas for your game titles or ingame text elements, you can give this website a shot. It talks about logos but its tools go beyond logo creation.

  • Vectr:
    A very intuitive, basic but solid vector graphics tool. It has a nice professional touch to its designe. I could work with it in just minutes AND it happens to provide an online version of the software. It requires an account to save your work but you can always download what you create and bypass your save. The save seem to be online for when you want to work on it later.

  • Gravit Designer:
    Well, as mentionned in the software list. Another online vector graphics tool. Available for download also. Very nice interface and suprisingly easy for a free software available online.

  • OpenGameArt:
    IMPORTANT: Assets from this website MAY require credits to the author BUT, in their browsing section, you can sort assets by license type. Please check out the terms of the licenses. This is the only reason I put this website up because we can sort by license type, therefor, pulling out assets that don't require credit to the author. A website with lots of graphic and audio assets for your games.

  • Beaudu - Sprite Draw Generator:
    This website offers a sprite generator. To be more specific, it's a 2D image and shape generator. Programmers and graphic designers can use these randomly generated graphics to inspire them with their ingame graphical elements such as ennemies or characters and more. A few options are available on the page permitting different color palettes and sprite size. If you are in lack of inspiration, generate yourself a randomized sprite sheet from there and build upon those shapes, you could be surprised of what you can imagine with simple shapes and colors. A clever way to fill in the blanks when they happen during your game creation process
Other links and softwares

These tools and links may require you to register with a free account. The following guidelines will be used for products in this list:
  • Must offer free services or tools without any time limit
  • If it requires an account, it should be free and not offer any payment option (This means that when signing in, you should not be requested to enter a credit card EVEN if it stays free without any costs.)
  • No unwanted or undesirable ads and/or malwares
  • Used inside a game making context
  • Easy to use and clear presentation of the interface before signing in (basically, the product must be clearly shown or an easy to understand presentation with screenshots or demo/video should be available without too much searching on the website)
  • Gravit Designer:
    I had to move this product here because unfortunately, the free version requires an account, even for the downloaded version. A very nice little vector tool provided by a GM member. It's a very easy to use GUI vector graphic tool, that to my opinion, surpasses inkscape in terms of user friendliness. A MUST have for those wishing to work with vector graphics.
Productivity and time management
  • MooDo:
    This nifty little website offers big services when talking about managing tasks. You can keep track and plan your game creation process and best of all, links easily to your Google account if you have one. If you need some task managing help to keep your project moving forward, this is a great tool.
  • Trello:
    The website clearly shows what this tool does. Very neat and clear. Do your followups for your games in team with a nice powerful and flexible tool for free.
  • Hack N' Plan:
    Another tme management tool. Very eyecandy. Well thought and free for small projects and teams. The service offers paid features but if all you want is to plan your stuff, it's completely free.
  • AWW Board:
    I hesitated to put this website up because you can use paint to do the exact same thing by sharing your screen using a desktop sharing tool. BUT, this tool will permit you to use basic drawing tools for project management, presentation or any other meetings you may want to have with your collaborators. The free version does not permit participants management but it is indeed a nice way to easily do some meeting stuff in a whiteboard style without using an application or fancy drawing tools or apps.
  • Drawesome:
    Another whiteboard style website with a better interface for public sharing. I had to ask and fiddle arround a bit to figure out where were all the tools but once inside and figured out, the screen is pretty much clean and the possibility to share whiteboards as public without registration or accounts is pretty good for those that would find it interesting for gamedev meetings and other such things.
Resources (mixed graphics, music and other)
  • Seventh Sanctum Name Generator:
    A nice tool for those in lack of inspiration. But instead of a graphic or music resource like usual ones, this is to let you have ideas for names if you have a lack of inspiration for names in your game. It will generate random names for you to use in your game.
  • Magic Tools by Ellison:
    A nice list of various resources (graphics, music, books, code and many others), free and paid, but the list is well identified to sort the free from the paid ones.
Since this list does not come out of my head alone, it's just normal to thank people who submitted and suggested usefull tools that now figure in the lists above. I simply want to thank these people specially for taking time in suggesting free softwares for us, game creators!

- GM029
- Electros
- Bingdom
- Alice
- Genetix
- Scurvycapn
- sylvain_l
- Freddy Jones
- rlKmAN
- Catan

- Cpaz
- Never Mind
- inkBot
- HayManMar
- Tsa05
- Reyek
- vegacide
- jb skaggs
- JasonTomLee
- Mick
- Rayek
- HeWhoShallNotBeNamed
- zendraw
- Lucia
- Ne7vers
- JacklTurbo
- immortalx
- zendraw
- zircher
- Rayek
- PatrickL
- zircher
- Rayek

You can suggest any other tools you may find relevant here. I will check these out regularly and put tools in the lists above if it fits with the guidelines. If you still feel that your tool or website should be posted even though it does not fit the guielines above, feel free to post them by replying below because others may find it usefull. Programs or websites with malicious software or undesired/shocking ads will be deleted or reported if required so please make sure to check that out before.

Comments are always welcomed but I'd like this thread to have constructive comments with as many download links or website links as possible so that people don't search too much when visiting. If you have any requests or comments, please DO feel free to PM me. Your contributions are VERY welcomed!

Other possible resources

This section is for special projects that deserve to have a spot somewhere. A very basic explanation is supplied but for more details, you will need to navigate to the project's page or comment for more information. These still follow the guidelines as free for commercial and personal use AND in a game creation environement. Please note that user-friendliness is not a pre-requisite and some of these may seem to be in a beta state.

The purpose of this section is to give people a chance to show their discoveries and let other poeple use and/or comment to potentially put the application in one of the lists above if the developper decides to put some time in upgrading it.
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For those with tablets or large smartphones, Pixly is a must-have if you want to do smaller pixel art or touch up on the larger sprites. The app is totally free and the ads are as unintrusive as possible.




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GMC Elder
  • GIMP is a really useful editor that's about as powerful as Photoshop but having some interface layout issues.
  • OpenMPT is a tracker that can import and export more or less anything as more or less anything, it's a great supplementary tool to Audacity if you use trackers or MIDI software to make music. I never use it for anything other than converting files.
  • MilkyTracker is my favorite tracker, relatively easy to learn to use and has a really nice interface, althought it's a bit daunting to learn using it properly at first.


I'd like to add if anyone else is looking for a simple, quick, but vary content heavy place to make logos, text, and buttons. I use it quite a bit!
People have added and suggested some very usefull stuff. Submit your most usefull free application or website to have one of the best free tools list on the GM forums for everyone to use and make game creation more fun than ever!

Freddy Jones

Your Main Detective
Honestly, the two things which have helped me remain productive and stay on task are these two gems right here: - An excellent task manager which goes above and beyond many many other task managers, and does so for free! And integrated with many google services! - An incredibly easy to use time tracker that has all the functionality you'd ever want to track your progress and to know you're getting somewhere.

Both of these combined really help me stay focused, I would consider these be placed under "productivity" applications. Both of them have "paid" options, but both are completely free and do everything(and more) you'd really want out of them.

Shariku Onikage

Guest Allows you to create your own font. Download the provided pdf. Draw in your own font following the guidelines. Upload it back into the website and it'll provide your with an OTF/TTF file which you can install on your system that's completely usable with GameMaker (contains one ad sitting at the bottom of the page).


Just came across this for colour schemes, useful for design and creation:

It allows you to create colour schemes based on a base set of rules (or custom selection), but importantly gives you the RGB and Hex values. Also loads of user submitted colour schemes to look through. Allows you to create your own font. Download the provided pdf. Draw in your own font following the guidelines. Upload it back into the website and it'll provide your with an OTF/TTF file which you can install on your system that's completely usable with GameMaker (contains one ad sitting at the bottom of the page).
I tried this but unfortunately, the website will close, as stated on the website so I can't put it up in my list as their new websites only permit 75 characters before paying for more. BUT, until the site shuts down, it sure is a nice thing to use. Just a note, It needs VERY high quality scans to have a usable font.
I have found to be a good Photoshop alternative in a pinch. It is all web based, and although you can create an account - you don't need to to be able to use it. It does have some ads, but they stay out of the work space (in my experience at least).
I have found to be a good Photoshop alternative in a pinch. It is all web based, and although you can create an account - you don't need to to be able to use it. It does have some ads, but they stay out of the work space (in my experience at least).
A very nice little discovery. It has nice tools and the fact that it's all web based makes it a very nice alternative to drawing apps. I just have one little thing to denote from my usage, I was not able to save my drawings on my desktop under Windows 10 which is a bit weird knowing I can download pretty much anything to it but not a basic drawing from this website.
A very nice little discovery. It has nice tools and the fact that it's all web based makes it a very nice alternative to drawing apps. I just have one little thing to denote from my usage, I was not able to save my drawings on my desktop under Windows 10 which is a bit weird knowing I can download pretty much anything to it but not a basic drawing from this website.
Hmmm... I guess I haven't tried it on my Windows 10 machine yet. I will later and see what happens.


Whoa, you have a 2d graphics section, have in it, but not GraphicsGale? (
It has a free version (with an even more powerful paid version BTW), simple and powerful, and also has dozens of formats to export to.

I'd also add MilkyTracker (highly recommend using Simon Wessels tutorial series) and SFXR to the audio list.
There's also Eric Matyas' website Soundimage which feature both sound and music. There is a license that you might want to contact the guy directly about for clear details, but it's great work (if not fairly specialized) nonetheless.
Whoa, you have a 2d graphics section, have in it, but not GraphicsGale? (
It has a free version (with an even more powerful paid version BTW), simple and powerful, and also has dozens of formats to export to.

I'd also add MilkyTracker (highly recommend using Simon Wessels tutorial series) and SFXR to the audio list.
There's also Eric Matyas' website Soundimage which feature both sound and music. There is a license that you might want to contact the guy directly about for clear details, but it's great work (if not fairly specialized) nonetheless.
Thank you very much for your contribution. I could not put Milky Tracker as the software is not available for Windows, or at least, not the latest version. As to SoundImage, the author requires attributions to usi8ng his work, but it is indeed a very nice website for those seeking free musique and don't mind giving attributions.



Wavepad nch software
Sound editing tool both free and paid versions with plenty of features in some ways it's like audacity with a few extra features There's also a video editor module sold separately.
I have seen a few softwares submitted but I have not been able to do a serious followup here this week as I have been operated. I'm back on now and I will do a small update as soon as I have checked out your comments and applications. I really love this place, people use very nice tools and though they may not fit into my guidelines, it does not mean they are bad and it's a real charm to see people submit their tools for their game creations. Keep it up GM community as this is THE place to find free tools to help in making your games!!!
I could not put sculptris as it requires registration. As for SFXR, it pretty much is the same thigs as BFXR and ChipTone in just another interface. But seeing that ChipTone has a completely different interface and is pretty easy to work with, I have added it. Thank very much for your contribution!


Any good suggestions for a tool to create tilesets for GMS2? I've found graphic programs to create sprites but nothing to create the tile set.


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GMC Elder
A tile set is just a sprite depicting terrain, anyway... GMS2 has a built-in tool to make tilesets out of sprites, and a built-in graphics editor as well.
Any good suggestions for a tool to create tilesets for GMS2? I've found graphic programs to create sprites but nothing to create the tile set.
Check the Auto Tiles Helper here:
It's a software I posted in the first post.

It permits a very limited number of tiles to be transformed in a complete 47 tiles tileset correctly ordered for GMS2. If you do not feel like drawing 47 different tiles, this tool lets you draw only 6.
OBS is already in the list, very good tool indeed. As for MuTools, their free version also provides demo functions that can mix some people up. The free version is also a stripped down version of the software so it does not fit in the list but the software seems pretty good and for small music creators, it may become helpfull. As for pazara, it was a very good converter until I figured out that it did not convert to a correct MP3 format that my car's radio could read and I had a few hickups that Audacity corrected for me. Although it's a good software for computers, because of a few lacks here and there, I cannot put it in the list. But it is also a very good tool for most computer conversion needs.

Thank you very much for your contribution and sincerely hope people will find them usefull.
I added GIMP seeing it's popularity amongst it's users and seeing that it's totally free and a constantly maintained project, it fits perfectly in game creation tools for years to come!
it's a bit niche, but i've found it to be very useful in planning my game's levels, tileset, colors, etc.
REXPaint - Unfortunately, I never could have a look at it as it does not even execute on my Windows 10 computer. It would have been an excellent addition to the list if the software would have worked out of the box. Their website is neat and the user interface seems good. I'm a bit sad to not put this on my list but I'll contact the author to see if he can fix it as I do believe that such a software has a place in the list. Thank you for your contribution!

EDIT: I have been able to make it work under Windows 10. I use a french computer and the software, for some reason, does not support accentuated characters in its paths. As for it's addition to the list, I'm still struggling as the interface is a bit too basic and lacks user friendliness. For example, I do not know how to delete a character besides drawing it in black. The software has it's good points as for colors and ease of use when drawing but the process needs a bit of finishing because drawing in a ascii way using this software may because pretty long for what other paint programs will permit you. If I get a few requests to put it in, I'll do it but it has a few bugs and flaws here and there and after over 10 minutes in the software, I was still struggling on what to do to make my ascii art house. But the software seems pretty promission, so thank you very much, some may actually find this software usefull!
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Here's a nifty tool for choosing Colour Palettes, especially for anyone who isn't super well versed in graphic design. I usually export a palette from here and open it in Graphics Gale, then do my sprite work with that palette in mind.
Very neat for people in need of such a tool. On my side, it is very laggy on 64 bit Firefox installation. I also encountered a few problems with using the interface and displacing the little circles to my needs. If there are no other alternatives I may add it to the list later.


i reccomend RealWorld Paint, its alredy been posted, just wanted to say how good i think it is + if you visit theyr suite you will find other useful tools also. very easy to use and very convenient!
@David Richard you can update your description for GraphicsGale, now it's a freeware
It was already in the list BUT I changed the description a bit. The software is only there because some options are not available in other softwares. The interface is not nice at all and it requires a bit of trining to use it to its full potential. Thank you for the heads up on the now-free version.
Since Unreal engine 4 is free now, I do recommend it.
Since UE4 can be used to create games, I consider it to be a YoyoGames Competitor. Although it does not have all the features GMS has, I cannot put it in the list. But seeing that it does offer a very big set of tools that GMS does not have, I don't mind having it mentionned in these posts. Thank you for your contribution.


What about "TTS"s? They can be really necessary while Developing a game.