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Linux Linux error [SOLVED]

Hi im trying to connect game maker to a centos 6 server and launch my app, i followed this tutorial:


But i get this error:

Transferring package to linux target

WARNING: Unable to connect to remote client: Permission denied (publickey).

pscp S:\Servidor_Partida_Ninja_9C3A61C_VM\Servidor_Partida_Ninja.zip GameMakerStudio2/Servidor_Partida_Ninja

Renci.SshNet.Common.SshAuthenticationException: Permission denied (publickey).

   en Renci.SshNet.ClientAuthentication.Authenticate(IConnectionInfoInternal connectionInfo, ISession session)

   en Renci.SshNet.ConnectionInfo.Authenticate(ISession session, IServiceFactory serviceFactory)

   en Renci.SshNet.Session.Connect()

   en Renci.SshNet.BaseClient.Connect()

   en ..(String , String , Boolean )

   en Igor.LinuxBuilder.pscp(String local, String remote, Boolean recursive)

   en Igor.LinuxBuilder.Package()

Igor complete.
Well finally i find the solution, if someone has this problem too:
-You have to create a folder in your linux with the command: mkdir -p ~/.ssh
-then you get inside that folder with: cd .ssh
-once you are inside .ssh you have to create a file called authorized_keys with this command: nano authorized_keys
this will open the file and there you have to paste the yoyo.ppk private key that you can get opening yoyo.ppk file
with putygen.exe (you have to find yoyo.ppk that is in C:\Users\paola ferretti\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\your_account)
after you close the file and save it with ESC + X, the Y (yes), then ENTER.
(The private key starts with ssh-rsa... )