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Question - D&D link objects



hi, i just tried game maker studio 2 and its amazing but i have a question
how can i do this ?
let say i want to have a health script wich after health is less than 0 destroy object after 2 second
and i want to use this on so many other sprites
in DnD i can set a variable and then set an alarm and in alarm destroy object but :
for each object which i want to add health on it i have to write this events again
i know i can use scripts for health part, but how i do the alarm? i want to write this code (DnD) once and use it in so many objects
another way is to make health a parent but let say i want to have different objects like this (health) in my sprites and write it once and use it on different sprites
like turret , weapon , ...
i think the problem is the "wait" wich i need on my health object
so is there any way ?