Windows Lilium Reach -An action platformer where you explore a forgotten region of space. |Demo available|



Explore forgotten worlds in this action platformer that blends metroidvania like exploration with challenging combat and gear customization.
Do you want to play it already? Check out our demo and give us some feedback!

Development begun after a game jam in 2016, and the team consists of three passionate indie devs trying to bring our vision to life.

Explore strange planets and moons.

Customize your gear with unique weapon mods.

Survive against all odds.

Uncover the mysteries of this forgotten region of space.

Take respite in your ship between expeditions-

-before taking on danger that your life in the core systems never prepared you for.

For more information visit our Homepage.
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This looks fantastic! It's very clear the amount of work that went into this. The artwork is also top notch AAA quality. I am very interested in it!


Thank you for the kind words, here is a little bonus screenshot :)

In addition to the more extensive planetary environments, you can explore a number of smaller, unique locations. Often of great import to the story.