Like an RPG


So ive experienced somthing irl lately that gave me the idea to make this topic. basically some events turned out as if were written in an RPG game. My idea behind this topic is people to share stories/events form theyr real lifes that look like RPG quests, and who knows, some1 may get inspired for his game.
The requirements are, it must be a real life experience and it shuld have ended like a quest completed or failed. Also perhaps try to add a drawing, so we can make it like a book with pictures, or if any1 is up for the task, he may try to draw over some1`s story. but no stick figures pls.

so heres my story.

"To goat, or not to goat?"


I was walking my dog few days ago and i encountered a pack of goats in the middle of the road. The goats themselvs arent really a danger to me or my dog and i culd have passed without a problem. But, as the farmboy that i am, i know that they might get scared of us while passing, resaulting in spoiled milk or somthing. So i decided to find another way around, and luckaly there was a side road, a bit abandoned, but who knows. So i walked down that road but only to reach a dead-end. Then i returned with the thought of trying not to scare them, but eh, who cares, and to go back and find another way was too long a road.
So ive returned to the goats, looked around and woe and behold, an old lady i talked to earlyer was coming my way, so i decided to wait for hur and find a way past this situation. The reason i waited was becouse she seemed like a farm woman and she ssemed from this part of town, and who knows, these goats just might be hurs.
Time passed, she walks slowly, like old ladys do, and she got to me.
It was revealed at that point that she lives just next to the old guy that owns the goats, she was his neighbour, and they probably knew hur and trusted hur, so we passed with hur without scaring any goats.

Quest Complete. +1 relationship with old lady and goat owner, and probably a discound if i decide to buy milk from him.