HTML5 Lightning Box


Would love to play a Missile Command type game with those effects in it...
Can you explain a little how those effects were made?



Sure thing K12! :
The glowing dot that moves down is a seeker and changes its main direction (direction=choose(225, 270, 315, or sth)) every second.
It also changes direction only a wee bit each step and randomly creates up to 6 further seekers.
Every step the seeker leaves behind an object the size of a pixel which randomly fades out but does not disappear.
When one seeker reaches the bottom it kills all other seekers and turns into a climber which turns the pixel objects just above it into a bright pixel object.
When the climber reaches the top all those bright pixel object are converted at once to a fat lightning object (which is one pixel high and ~8 pixels wide, and also fades away with time) and the thunder sound goes off.
All unused pixel objects are then destroyed.
A new seeker is created at the top at a random place, and so it loops.

Very brute force and hardware hungry I think. But I do like how it turned out.
Yeah maybe I can make a game out of it, but it's unlikely. I've got other projects that are more dear to me. This was just a fun little experiment to get the juices flowing again by working on sth fresh and finishing it.
It's not a game just something to look at. I plan on looking further into random generated programmed art that isn't interactive, or maybe a bit interactive.
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