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A game about time, adventure and growing older.

Grab it on for whatever price you see fit. GMS1.4 Source code included.

A top down action RPG where you age over time instead of level. Ageing happens faster the older you are. Age affects your stats, first for the better, and then...

Two button controls, left click moves you around, right click interacts with certain things and targets enemies.

Your life is scored at the end, and your accomplishments logged, was it all worthwhile?

Have fun!

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 34

(ps. there's a dragon.)


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This is quite good -- especially for a game made in such short time. I seldom play RPG / adventure type games, but I enjoyed this. My first try led to an untimely demise at age 17. Penniless and with only the clothes on my back. But after a few attempts I was doing fairly well, living well into middle age and well equipped. I had a bow and a sword, survived several battles with green guys, and did lots of exploring.

The gameplay is straightforward,with the right level of instructions. Moving around with the mouse is easy. And try as I might, I couldn't get stuck even in the thickest forest areas. So nice job on that. Also, I liked the fact that the battle actions were performed automatically. I never cared much for those game with complex controls for different battle moves. So this approach was well suited for me. Other players might miss that battle action however.

The graphics and music were just fine. I liked the musical theme, and the few sound effects were well balanced. I didn't really understand the display, however. Not being an RPG player, I didn't recognize those abbreviations: STR, STD, etc. Minor nitpick, but not sure why you didn't just write the word. Plenty of real estate on screen.

Overall, you've done a good job on this. Definitely worth a try, so I'd recommend it to others. And I'll be playing it again myself.


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Thanks dude! You always put a great deal of thought into your reviews here and in GMC-past which is super cool.

Yeah I know what you mean about the interface. I'm working on a semi-sequel to this one, and improving clarity there is definitely a To Do.


I like how age affects stats and and character sprite. Excellent controls.
A nice little game in a nice little world.


Every game you make has a wonderful charm to it! Your art style is very nice.

P.S: your early beginner tutorials made me start chasing my dreams a couple years back :)


Looks awesome, especially the art work. Do you make the sprites in Game Maker or do you make them in a different program and import them?


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I made most of these in pyxel edit. No reason I couldn't have made them in GM though I suppose they're simple enough.