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GMS 2.3+ LibGit2Sharp Exception: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.



Since the update to 2.3 I am getting this message under Source Control.


I do not use the built-in Source Control, so I have no idea why this is happening. Any ideas?



I've had this problem, too.

I think I have this resolved over here, using a trick I was using with 2.2.5:

Go to your project's root; make a file called .gitattributes (note, not .gitattributes.txt, just the extension).

Open the file with Notepad++, enter:

*            text=auto
*.fsh       text
*.vsh       text
*.yyp        text
*.yy        text
*.gml        text
*.png        -text
*            -text
What this is supposed to do (if I read Git's documentation correctly) is force Git to treat .yyp, .yy, and .gml files as text files, but exclude .png. I think the * -text excludes sound files (which, strangely, have no file extension). With 2.2.5, this significantly impacted laggy behavior when using Github (especially epic-length wait-times to commit something). I'm really not sure why source-control is still having all these issues in 2.3; I reported a lot of these issues in detail months ago.


Thanks for the solution!
That didn't work for me, but in my case I added the following in .gitattributes

*.yyp     diff
I also addet *.ini, *txt, and other text file extensions
And also stopped using Source Control in GameMaker, as GitHub does the job


Interesting. Are you using GMS on a Mac or some other platform where CLRF isn't normative for line-ends?

And... are you working with others, or just using Git for backup? I wasn't able to make Git work reliably by itself when working with remote help; we all had to use GMS's solution, with the above caveats, or we had severe problems with Views borking merges.

Given that Views are "internal project configuration files" and also don't like merges, rather than being a core part of the end product like a YYP defining an Object, I haven't got the foggiest idea why GMS doesn't have them stored outside the projects, but that's a side issue.

I'd love to know why "diff" in .gitatttributes works; I don't understand what it does, and the Git documentation on it doesn't help, lol. I'd have thought having a diff tool installed in GMS took care of flagging / fixing anything that needed diff during a merge. But I certainly don't know everything about how Git works, just that the above worked for me, lol.


The original solution worked for me, but I did need to exit GMS then re-open it and load the project.