Portfolio - Programming [LFW] [+17 Yrs] [10 USD/hour]Experienced Gml Coder, Game Designer [no rev-share]

---> Introduction
My name is Leandro Saccoletto (you can call me Leo for short) and I'm intermediate-advanced Game Maker programmer , bachelor in physics, and game designer (not a typical "idea guy").

---> Current Skills
I possesed Game Maker Studio 1.4 (WIndows/HTML5/Android) and Game Maker Studio 2 (Desktop and Mobile).
My main focus is with 2D game genre. Normaly I received requests for 2d platformers, puzzle and arcade games. I'm quite versatile with almost any genre and for new type of challenges.Here is a sample of stuff that I can.

--- Platfomer and Top Down
-- Basic Motion (walk,jump,wall jump, crouch , shoot, swim, hurt and others states) with collision (objects or tiles) and slopes
-- Finite State Machine.
-- A persistent system (so enemy killed or items already collected won't appear more in the level)
-- HUD elements
-- Enemy, bosses and gimicks AI (like vertical,horizontal, circular platforms, door, jump thorught blocks, water , hazards and so on)
-- Parallax effect and blood splat as example of effects
-- Pause, inventory, save/load structure, map sytem similar to Castlevania,
-- Special effects with particles or sprites, or use of tweens, implementation of shaders effects picken in the web.
-- Creating objects to easy the level designing.
-- Custom key setting, display resolution changing, music and sound volume.
-- Crafting system, dialogue system(with multiple choice and letter by letter effect) and others elements.
-- Grid motion
-- Dialogue box type writing effect.
-- Bullet Hell's bullets patterns
-- support for keyboard/mouse, gamepad or touch.

--- Puzzles and Arcade
-- Clones of known games (tetris, 2048, match-3 games , endless games, Tower defense, arkanoid, bomberman)
-- Level difficulty increases with time and wit rules (for endless games)
-- Original games, with rules given to me to do.
-- Menu system with swipes and other fancy effects

-- RPG
-- battle menu type or more action-oriented type.

--- Adventure point and click
--basic setup
--context cursor (look, walk, use, pick, talk)
-- inventory to pick, lock and combine items.
-- basic NPC interaction.

--- Game Design
--with my background as coder, I can concept and developed reliable ideas from the discussions made with my client.
-- Development of a GDD (Game Design Document) as a guide to maker clear the game ideas and to save time and money.
-- In can design enemy,boss AI viable ideas, gimmicks concepts and game's flow

--- Others
- Optimization, code cleaning and organization of your code.
- Add more details in special effects and animation effects with Tweens
- Touching controls (tap, drag, swipe)
- Tweaking and bug fixing already existing engines.
- Porting games to android .
- prototyping games to test ideas

--Working and Payment
I don't have interest in revenue share deals.
I can work from a simple task request to a full project. The rules can be set by a design document, a to-do list, or an idea that I'll try expand and give you my thought to see that you agree or not.
I'll try my best to do an initial estimate the time that will take care to do what you want and we discuss the price for this. If it is complicate to estimate, we can estimate in smaller sections.

As payment method, I have paypal and transferwise. Can be a hourly price and paid by the hours that I worked so far. Or I can be receive one part before the work and the other part after the work is finished.
You can have communication by several apps and sharing builds or animated gifs that show progress.
In the case of the task is clean an problematic code, I highly recommend , if possible, add
comments in the code and try to organize it in the best way. With this, I can understand faster the code, work sooner with fixes and new features, and you will save time and money.

For game designing, or other stuff associated, I prefer Skype and discord for the talking. and sharing files with this, Dropbox, Google Driver.

--Gifs of some work done

---Contact Info

If you are interest in my services or have some doubts, you can send PM here or by the follwing ways:
- PM at this forum
- e-mail/Skype : lordcyber12@yahoo.com.br
- Discord by LeandroSaccoletto#0779.
- Facebook/Messenger : Leandro Saccoletto
PS:Sorry for any misspellings
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Are you interested in partnering up? / Helping me with some scripts and codes for my games?


Do you have any knowledge of Java extensions for android im looking for someone to convert java code to protected jar file, so code is more secure and still accesible to the gm studio compiler


Here´s a small recommendation:
Actually, I don´t think that anyone will pay to get private lessons, since the GM mentors can give private lessons for free.
Now, as I have read, seems like you are really experienced; Then, why don´t you become a GM Mentor?

Thank you :)

jb skaggs

I think you did some work for me years ago when I first started in GM ver 6! (if Im wrong I apologize) I believe you wrote me a script for handling a deck of fantasy cards. That was a long time ago. Good to see your still around.


I hired Leandro for my project and he was pretty much a godsend. I needed a dynamic level generator for my project and not only did he do this well and to specifications, he managed to make it work even with my not-so-hot code. :) (which is saying something)
The value he brought to my project for me was incalculable; if you need coding assistance with a GM project and you are fortunate enough to have Leandro available, just hire him.


I can say that Leandro is a truly exceptional coder, he helped me with me slope collision issues without a hitch. I would truly recommend him to help with any of your problems for any projects.

Zachary Edwards

Hello, are you still looking for work? I'm designing a 2D turn-based RPG. My email is zacharyt@nycap.rr.com if you'd like to discuss quotes. And honestly even if you're not interested or are too busy, you'd be helping me out a lot with giving a quote anyway so I can better figure out my budget.


Hello, I'm looking for help making my game work on web browsers. Right now, I can't get audio to work on Chrome (Mac) or on any browser on my iPhone. I also can't get fullscreen to work on my iPhone. Is this something you'd be interested in?


I am looking at you from a distance. Currently working on something that I think will be good with help from someone like you.

Discord: georges#7184
MOD EDIT: Image removed. Please do not share private conversations unless the other party in the PM gives their permission. ;)
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mark hanham

Leandro Saccoletto has been using Gamemaker since its inception and has coded full time for two of the 5 years he was worked for me.

I have used many “gml” coders before and Leandro Saccoletto is by far at the top of his game. He has a good understanding of Retro Games and is proficient in every aspect of the game development cycle. His code is tight, and well documented in English. Any task I gave him he would complete precisely as I wanted it to perform.

I strongly recommend him as a professional game developer.


I hired leandro for a tbs game engine. Honestly alot of the people i was finding charged ridiculous prices and failed to grasp what i was asking i felt and was trying to force what they thought was best.

Not leandro, he did exact what i wanted, quality work at a realistic price. Honestly if u need a project done his worth considering

Cybiont Technologies

Hello, are you still working for a full project to work on?


I don't usually post but I would like to reccomend Leandro if anyone looking for a programmer.

he was a great to work with, very professional and clean code for good rate


Leandro is amazing. He codes so fast and can make anything work and happen. I would work with him anytime. Please hire him.


I added you, this would be a paid position, or if you are open to tutoring me I will pay you for that too. My discord is mrsmith1987
Thanks to Leo (Leonardo Saccoletto) for his help, he did some great job. A gentle guy and always ready for fix bugs and make changes where necessary. He is also faster.