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Team Request LF Programmers, Artists, Musicians and Awesome Creative People

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by valkyrienyanko, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. 2D Platformer Game Idea

    I am an artist, a programmer, somewhat of a musician and a creative brainstormer. I plan on making a game like the battle cats or age of war. I’ll say right up front that I am a really big fan of the battle cats and I play it all the time. And when I play it I always say to myself that this could have been done much better. Some things that annoy me are the concepts of farming for endless hours on end, the energy system limits your gameplay, and the in app purchases could be removed and instead replaced with a support the developer and get nothing in return. (game will be more balanced and more fun this way)

    The entire game theme will follow a strict dark moody color pattern, different shades of gray, black and white. For any other color will be used for glow effects for for example the eyes or the tips of the weapons. I have not yet decided what the actual game theme will be. For example, in the battle cats the main theme is cats. Maybe a theme like faceless creatures that barely have any life to them that gain the sense of life overtime?

    In the game I plan to create, there will be three different types of game modes. The first gamemode is attacking an enemy, the second is defending your base from incoming attacks, the third game mode is exploring the world with your hero.

    In the side-view attack gamemode, there are two bases, one on either side of the map. One is the enemy base and the other is the friendly base.

    In the side-view defend gamemode, there is only 1 base, your friendly base. You will have to defend it from one side (not two). Enemies will continually spawn attacking your base.

    In the top-view adventure gamemode, there is your hero the the world environment to explore around you. On your journey you will be able to find different items that will be procedurally generated throughout the different worlds. You will have the option to unlock several attack and defend game modes on your journey that will be unlocked from the menu. Enemies will be spawned randomly or in fixed positions around the map. There will be some special enemies that you can encounter that will open up some text dialogue and force or encourage you to take part in a special defend or attack gamemode event.

    Each base can spawn its own unique set of units. Every unit has its own unique set of stats, upgrades, cool downs, and costs. The friendly base gets a hero unit that can be controlled moving left and right and upwards. There will be many hero units to choose from. Each hero will be unique in its own way.

    Each hero will have a given set of mana, armor and health. Mana can be spent on special abilities.

    If you lose any given battle, nothing will happen other than a screen will pop up saying some funny message like you didn’t try hard enough!

    The menu will be separated into several parts.

    • Upgrade area to upgrade friendly's (including being able to spend currency on the base and your hero and different stages)

    • Information area | info about enemies and friendly’s mechanics

    • Options area | for adjusting volume, graphics, full screen and what not

    • Stages area | a place where you go to defend or attack or adventure gamemode map(s)

    • Credits area :D

    I’ve been working on the first enemy for the attack / defend game modes and here's what I’ve done so far. (the last few frames do not fully sync in making the overall animation a little jaggy but can be fixed overtime, one does not simply create a game within a day)


    I’m using gimp to create the images and then I later import them into game maker and make the final edits. Here’s what the logo looks like so far. (will be changed ALOT xD) [​IMG] I’ve decided to call this a Kitten Pixel Studios Production. :D

    I will add to these ideas if you are still not convinced in joining me in making this yet to be awesome game that will hopefully be for most platforms including windows, linux, mac, ios, android and maybe others. I did not mention the specific attack stats or specific unit names but that will be decided as we make the game together.

    This is a very big project to accomplish and I don’t plan on finishing it in 3 months. I want to take as much time as needed to make this. Sorry if I stuttered a bit above. ;)

    As far as specific details for recruitment on the team goes, I’m accepting pixel artists / artists, musicians and especially most importantly programmers.

    I forgot to mention that the game will NOT be a pay to win kind of game. :eek:

    Add me as a friend on discord, my name is valk#7838 If you do not know what discord is go to https://discordapp.com (its free and you do not need to download anything unless your on your iDevice / andriod) If you do not like this way or want to contact me another way, please provide a way I can contact you.

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