Let's Share Our Musical Creations


Hello all, I've created this thread for you all to share your musical creations. This includes songs and sounds of any kind.

This is a low pressure, friendly environment for music composers and music lovers to come together and have fun while supporting each other in the process. All levels of musical skill are accepted here whether you are a beginner or pro.

Consider this also a good place to share the music you are working on for video game projects or music that you want the community to use in their projects.

Acceptable formats are links to soundcloud, youtube, etc. Please make sure to post work that you have created.
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I know we have a few musicians here which is cool, one part of the game jams I really enjoy is hearing new stuff some members make for it.

Here is a link to my SoundCloud profile, I have a few covers of video game songs on there as well as any music I've made for game jams.


I already follow at least two other GMCers on there but I'm interested to hear more stuff from other people too.


I saw this thread and went to see my Soundcloud if there is anything I could share. I mostly use it to share my music with one friend, but after giving these a listen, I think someone else might like this stuff too.

Here is something I made long time ago. Can't really remember but from the sound of it, I guess most of the sounds are from a Korg M1 plug-in.

I guess I made this when I had borrowed a synth from my friend. Or maybe I made this after a synth lesson in audio school. Can't remember. Starts little slow, but has some cool things happening if you are patient, I think.

Also I checked my google drive. I had there some demos I shared with a friend who wanted to create some synthwavekind of stuff with me. Have a listen:

This is first thing I created after buying Logic Pro X many years ago. It had this sound called Analog Funk. Has some cool things but also sounds very rough, I guess I should take the best ideas from this and make something better from them. https://soundcloud.com/skibledemos/analogfunk

The title translates "Now go to sleep". Might explain the mood this was made in. Someone might recognise the hypnotic voice in the background ;)

I don't know if I should share this or not. Some darker stuff with Ben Shapiro samples. :D (I don't agree with him on anything, but I don't judge if you do.)

This is a demo for a game project that got cancelled...
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Hey all!

If anyone is interested, I found a great free service on the website Band Lab for mastering songs.
While it's not a live person mastering your song, I found that the automated system does a good job of making songs more crisp and helps define instruments in a nice way.

Did someone say 8-bit metal? I've actually done a couple of those...
Here's one. Was originally for one of my old, old games on the YYG sandbox that nobody played. Unfortunately, I only have the crappy compressed version of it. Made in a super-old version of FL Studio with Magical 8bit Plug and some samples from Famitracker. Thinking of rewriting it entirely in Famitracker and reusing it in my current project.


Here is a song from my band Sherman Oaks

So, this is our first EP, we recorded that in LA 2 years ago.
We hope to make a new one soon, we're leaning more towards slowcore/emo now so it'll be quite different.
This band is a project mostly from me and a friend of mine. We both sing, play guitar and write the songs.
But we perform as a 4-person band.
So, I had the idea to make all my music royalty free (as long as it isn't co-owned by a game dev). It's mostly electronic rock and jazz stuff, with a focus on melody/catchiness and characterization.

Just go to my website. I made it super easy to check out and download stuff, so you can look around and see if there's anything that'll fit your project. Just credit me if you use anything, please.



Latest song I did. I also started VOCALOID Fukase stuff but this one isnt a VOCALOID track; https://soundcloud.com/fennecfaux/passion-fennec-fvux
Nice one! I like the vocaloid stuff very much! I do some vocal chop stuff in my songs too.

Here's my latest creation. It's a pretty fast and upbeat song.

I also created a more laid back chiptune. Might be good as background music for a mystical cave:


I used to do covers of popular songs. Not too confident in my composing abilities, but after the recent crackdowns on fancovers on Youtube I just prefer doing Touhou arrangements for the most part, since the creator allows fans to arrange his songs.

I've primarily been a bedroom surf rock arranger but I like doing something different here and there, perhaps more recently that has happened more.

This is my playlist of my music on Youtube.

Alternatively this is my soundcloud but I've run out of upload time a considerable while ago, so I just share from a new account back to the old one (had a little read on the terms and I didn't see anything that said you can't make a new account).

Example music of mine:
I've been trying out a new music sequencer called PixiTracker. It's been an interesting program to work with so far. Has sort of a sega sound to it. Here are a few little looping tunes I made with it:

Asteroids Incoming: https://soundcloud.com/sofaspartan/asteroids-incoming
Funk City: https://soundcloud.com/sofaspartan/funk-city-pixitracker
Chop Shop: https://soundcloud.com/sofaspartan/chop-shop-pixitracker
I wanted to know if you have a special VST library system, called Kontakt ? I have it already, and I recommend getting the Kontakt 6 player ( which is free ) if you dont have it. The full version costs aprox. $400 USD


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I've been doing my own music since around 2005-2006, not sure anymore (and my oldest stuff arguably doesn't qualify as music, so let's not split hairs).

I've got a super convoluted setup where I use a bunch of free programs that I gradually added more programs to, to complement what I was already proficient with instead of relearning a full DAW from scratch. I make chiptunes in Milktracker, MIDI files in an old discontinued program called Jazz (which i've hosted an unofficial mirror for, since the license permitted it), use OpenMPT to convert between the Milky formats and MIDIs, render MIDIs to WAV files using an obscure program called SynthFont using a bunch of free soundfonts, and then use Audacity to render those WAVs into OGG (to remove digital watermarks imposed by SynthFont and trim away silence at the start and end to make them loop better - also it renders WAV like 10 times faster so it's faster overall do have the intermediate WAV step).

I've heard good things about MixCraft and other modern DAWs, but I'm so used to this soup of Unix-style apps that are good at exactly 1 thing (and so stingy with my money) that I've not really felt like switching over. But maybe one day...

Music-wise, I have no education whatsoever, spare from reading a translation of a book written by Tchaikovsky and watching 8- Bit Music Theory's youtube channel. I've learned stuff solely via trial and error, with a healthy dose of getting game MIDIs from VGMusicArchive and looking inside them to see how they were made. As a result, I suck at chord progressions (mostly sticking to C major and the pentatonic scale that only uses black notes because I at least know how those work :p) and basically only do music that's traditional game music: melody-based, short loops, more meant to get the feeling of an area (grass, desert, lava etc) across than to invoke emotion.

Here's a bunch of songs I made (the artwork is done by me to, and a reason I don't upload songs very often even though I have a few hundred old songs at this point is because making the cover art is so much work).

Lakeside Lupines: probably the best-sounding thing I've ever made, which means it almost sounds like actual music for a change.

Fungalvanic Fusewoods: a recent experiment where I tried mashing together instruments that doesn't really fit, trying to find a new interesting sound. It's surprising how catchy songs with fun little breaks in the melody gets, I really gotta stop some of my old habits with unbroken basslines and stuff.

Locked of the Drowned: the song has like no repeated parts, which is weird. It also gives it a lot more motion and feel than my other stuff. I gotta stop being lazy and reuse things constantly, I guess.


Lots of awesome music here :)

Here's something I'm working on currently. It's mostly finished though definitely has some rough edges:

Hey all!

If anyone is interested, I found a great free service on the website Band Lab for mastering songs.
While it's not a live person mastering your song, I found that the automated system does a good job of making songs more crisp and helps define instruments in a nice way.

Thanks for this!
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Cool music stuff to follow on Twitter! Some folks who contribute to these groups work with video game developers!

#chipfam - a group of musicians who create chiptune music

#synthfam - musicians who post 80s retro electronic music, synthwave / vaporware

Also a side note and musical milestone for me: I was able to put my music on several streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music (dm me if you want a link to that)