Team Request Let's make a game together!


I've been in the process of making a top-down RPG for the past year and a half on and off, and now I finally have some time to really dedicate to the project.

I'm looking for a pixel artist and another gml programmer who want to collaborate and make an awesome game. The base programming of the game is basically finished and bug-free.

Here's the last update I put on my YouTube channel:

As you can see from the video I have a rough story idea and title, and it's set in a post apocalyptic far future. But the key word in this post is collaboration, I want to make a game world together, so anything can change.

Honestly I don't really have the money for payment, but I'm willing to give 100% of any profits to the other team members. I just want to make a great game.

If anyone is interested in collabing hit me up!


Hey man, send me a message on discord at Soul-Kun#1518. I'm keen to talk further about this, I'm a programmer myself