GMS 2.3+ Let's Make a 3D Gravity Platformer - Video tutorial series


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Let's Make a 3D Gravity Platformer - Video tutorial series

GM Version
: 2.3
Target Platform: All
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This is a video series where I create an advanced 3D game from start to (hopefully) finish. Every step will be documented, and you may ask questions and make suggestions for new subjects to handle.
This topic used to be the 3D tutorials in one hour thread, but I got hooked on developing the 3D Gravity Platformer. So now it's the "Let's make a 3D gravity platformer" topic!
The videos are all commented to make it easier to understand what's going on, but this is definitely not a beginner's tutorial series.

My first ever 3D game project in GameMaker was Planetoids, which I started making ten years ago. I never finished it. This project is a recreation of that project, and I intend to make it into an actually playable game while recording every step.

3D gravity platformer
Part 9:
Starry Skies

Part 8:
Animating a character created in Blender for use in GameMaker Studio 2.3

Part 7:
Creating a black hole

Part 6:
Drawing proper circular shadows in 3D using blend modes

Part 5:
Making a rim lighting shader

Part 4:
Making a fast, dynamic and procedural cloud shader

Part 3:
Block and Cylinder Collisions
Drawing and colliding with a block and cylinder

Part 2:
Capsule Torus and Disk collisions
Drawing and colliding with capsule, torus and disk

Part 1:
Making a 3D Gravity Platformer in one hour
In this video I create a 3D gravity platformer (similar to Mario Galaxy or Outer Wilds) completely from scratch in one hour.

Heightmapped racing game
Source for one-hour heightmap racing game
Here I create a heightmapped offroad racing game, completely from scratch, in one hour.
This was intense, mostly because this kind of game requires a lot of custom functions working toghether.

More to come
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Joe Ellis

Your stuff has always been really cool, I've always admired it. It's nice to see that you're that used to it now that you can just bang it out in an hour, freestyle :D


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It's been a productive week - here are two more videos!
These are not as long as the others, and I've been playing around with the format of the videos. What do you think of the editing in the last video, the one about circular shadows?

How to make a rim lighting shader:

How to draw a circular shadow in 3D using blend modes:


I'm 97% sure you are producing them in less time it takes to watch them.... Pretty sus... Are you like a pandimensional creature for whom the time flow slower? ಠ_ಠ


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Lol! Well, it's simultaneously a video tutorial series and a game project, and I have so much fun stuff planned that I can't wait to make it come to life. But I also want to explain each step so that people may learn a bit from it.
I know watching somebody code for hours can be a bit tedious, so I've started dividing it up into smaller bite-size chunks, and as such more frequent videos.

I definitely won't be able to keep this tempo all the time, but I have some extra time on my hands nowadays, with the pandemic and everything. All my plans for the fall have vanished, and the gym's closed...
this is pretty amazing stuff. Thank you for showing the work! I would like to get my maths up to speed with this. Udemy perhaps 🤔😅