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Beta LET'S FIGHT - Simple Two Button Fighter


Spent quite a bit of time tweaking character move-sets, until I feel that each character feels whole.

for example, Ruffhauzers grenade toss doesn't instantly explode on impact with the ground or the opponent, it explodes after a few moments. Dead-lift spins around and shoots a cloud of exhaust that traps opponents.

I've started to add spectators in the background.

The aggressiveness of the AI-controlled opponents is now adjustable. So that in the arcade mode, you will have a decent challenge as you go.




- Again just non stop tweaking move sets.

-I've made all collisions smoother.

- Fighters bounce off of the edge of the camera view.

- There is a visible win counter.

I've also been making new stages, including "Club Silver" which shows reflective floors. Not sure who's stage it will be yet.

Up next I plan to finally get HP meters done.


UPDATE#16 Final Character...for now?

Asmodeus is the son of Moteod. His nickname is "the end of all existence". He battles while sucking on a pacifier and his melee weapon of choice is a giant metal rattle with duckies on it. His main projectile is a powerful hellfire blast.

He does, in fact, have the ability to end all existence.