GMS 2.3+ "Lens" Effect on GameMaker



I've been searching for days the code to make a "lens" effect on GameMaker but i still can't figure it out.
So i'm wondering if it is actually possible.
Here is an example of the result i want:

And if it is possible, i want the camera to move on the X and Y axis while zoomed out

what you want is a system for zooming on and out?! is that it?!
I created an asset for camera control a couple of days ago.


Yes and no, in the video i sent, there actually is a single object, and when you zoom out of the room, the room duplicates itself, creating this effect.
It's like, duplicating the screen when the camera has a bigger size than the room width and height
here is another example :
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Hmmm... well now is more understandable. From your post it's not that obvious that the room is actually the size of the object ;)
Will need to look into that for giving a proper solution.


Yeah sorry for not giving enough information, i'm still searching for a solution but i may have one, maybe there is something on GameMaker to duplicate the screen (not the object but just the view of the room), and then creating them next to each other by repeating the same code
I don't know if i'm clear enough but it's a bit hard to explain