Legendless (MVP Build)



Hello Everyone! Legendless is a turn-based strategy RPG that I am working. Inspired by some of my favorite strategy RPGs and has some tabletop elements to it.

This version contains the basics for the battle mode where you control 5 characters in combat against 5 enemies. You control the player characters by clicking on them to bring up the action menu. Some mechanics have placeholders that will be updated and reworked as I continue working on the game.

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uaca0lvsbglvacp/Default.config.gmx?dl=0

Legendless MVP Screenshot 01.PNG
Legendless MVP Screenshot 02.PNG Legendless MVP Screenshot 03.PNG

===Controls & Menu Abbreviations===
Left Click to select a PC
Left Click a selected PC to deselect
Left Click on the Grid to drag the Camera

MVT - Move
ATK - Basic Atk
DEF - Defend
SKL - Skills
ITM - Items
PAS - Pass (Skips Turn)
DES - Deselect
IGNA - Fire Skill

===Mechanic Concpets===
The idea behind this game is to make an RPG world that seamlessly goes between story and combat in a grid-based system. I want to layer this with a quest/dialogue system that requires the player to investigate the world around them, explore, and understand their environment.

===Narrative Concepts===
While I don't want to commit to a narrative until the mechanics are more refined, I have thought about the concepts and feelings that I want to encapsulate with the story. In the world of Legendless, natural wonders have spirits that embody the area. They are destined to protect the world until one day they begin to become corrupted. As timeless beings, these spirits cannot just be defeated. The player must explore the world and find and fix the corruption in each area to save these spirits and those who rely on them.

Being that this is just a Minimum Viable Product, there's definitely a lot of work that needs to be done. However, I am excited and eager to work on it. With some feedback, I hope to make this something people want to play. If you have any questions, concerns, or criticisms please leave a reply. Also if you enjoyed it, tell me what your favorite part was.