OFFICIAL Leaving YoYo Games


I sincerely believe that your hard work on the manual, your other technical articles and your non-stop contributions to the forum have been a cornerstone of GameMaker's success.

Thank you very much and all the best for your future endeavors!


Farewell, may your travels lead you to a better place, and may your Destiny be fulfilled.

Forever, Eternal.

btw I'm not actually here.


I'm late to the party and I'm sad to hear the news but I'm glad to hear you'll still be around! I think it would be weird to never see the name "Nocturne" anymore.


oh, i was wondering why yoyo approached me about adminship, i thought first it was a troll but now i see. the tyrant is down, and the messiah rises, so brace yourselfs. the intense flames of purity will clense the earth.


GMC Elder
I've known who Nocturne is for 13 years at this point, how weird is that!

Good luck and on to the next adventure.


I recently heard you speak on a podcast where you talked lovingly about the GMC community. I just want you to know, that's the reason I signed up! ...
Yeah, no wonder!

Would also mention, that this talk can really much better introduce our Don. Powermonger, than I ever tried to imagine - after reading posts, seeing his music favorites (death metal - o my gosh :eek:!), etc.
( So how fine it would be if, in the Introduce Yourself thread, folks would speak instead of writing. )
A pity that the voice recording is not exactly CD-audio quality.

I guess, for completeness (& encapsulation - a'la OOP) sake, and of course for the sheer number of onlookers' interest, best to show the greedy eyes where we can listen to our honorable Tyrant-Rex (or Secret Panda? They can bite savagely too!) speaking:


Seriously? Damn, that makes me a bit sad. But i'm sure you're broadening your horizons, so i'm happy for you. And i'm happy that you're remaining around here. :) Thank you so much for all the great work you've done through the years, @Nocturne: if i learned how to code and make games, i owe it to you too!