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Hi everyone!

So, as the title of this topic implies, I'd like to announce my departure from YoYo Games as their technical writer. I've been working with them for the last 9 years and I'm honestly incredibly sad to be saying goodbye to everyone there... YYG been very much like a family to me, and I've loved every second of working for them, but I've reached a point in both my personal and professional life where I feel the need to move on and grow a bit more!

Where does this leave me in relation to the GMC? Well, I'll still be here as Admin, although I will no longer be able to perform certain duties like deleting accounts or changing user names, since that requires access to the user DB and - as I'll no longer be a YYG employee - that isn't permitted for data protection reasons. For those things please contact @rmanthorp or go through the YoYo Games contact form. Other than that, I'll still be using GameMaker (of course!) and I'll still be an active member of the community, helping out as much as possible and slapping wrists where necessary. ;)

Thanks to everyone at YYG and I'll miss them all!

PS: You'll all need to file those typos in the manual through the bug reporting system instead of PMing me about them! :p


Wishing you all the best in whatever's next for you!!! It's sad to see you move on, but still cool to see you'll at least be lurking!

Although, I'm intensely curious, does this mean the title of "friendly forum tyrant" is up for grabs? o_O

Honestly, I can't see anyone else fill that position.


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Although, I'm intensely curious, does this mean the title of "friendly forum tyrant" is up for grabs? o_O
I wish you all the success you deserve and thank you for keeping it real with all of us here as an admin. Don't disappear on us though.
Thanks guys! I'm still going to be the forum tyrant as I'll still be Admin, just a slightly more limited one... and I have no plans to disappear on you all! I love this place WAY too much. :bunny:

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Sad to see you leaving, you have pretty much been an icon in the community for almost all of the time I've been here. And best of luck with your future position! I'm sure you'll do exceedingly well at it looking at your track record with YYG!


Four years ago, I reached out to you, about my struggles with studying and GameMaker, and how my parents wants me to be in the medical field, you, like a father to young me back then, encouraged me to go on and never give up, and I held on to your message everyday till I graduated. Here, four years later, I am studying dentistry and professionally using GameMaker, and I cannot thank you enough!

(You might not remember me, I can PM you my old Username 😉 , but I will never ever forget this kind, heartwarming, fatherly gesture.)

I hope you all the best in your future, and here I am today encouraging you to be all your best! Which you will!

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I hope you enjoy your life in this great new season for you, and that you will have all the time you need to get stuff done. :) I'm glad you'll be sticking around the forum still! You had me worried a little more than I should've been had I read a little further before making conclusions like I often do. lol


Good luck out there! And being snoopy, I saw on twitter that you are not telling what your plans are YET, but you will be writing and still involved with games...

Obviously, you're going into Super-Smash-Brothers romanctic fan-fiction full time. (Or possibly a games journalist?)

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I look forward to hearing about what super ultra amazing things you'll be doing next!

It may sound overly dramatic but remember that your work can play a bigger role in peoples lives than you might think. Not only does GM get people into making games but also serves as many people's first introduction to programming (it was for me). That alone can play a big role on a person's life or future careers!


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A legend resigns.

You've been watching over us with what must be a thousand arms to be able to take care of everything at the same time for what feels like an eternity. You've single-handedly provided more help to this community than anyone ever could, all the while also creating and publishing assets and games. Your contributions have supported an unimaginable amount of people in their lives, and will continue to do so over time.

You will be remembered as a hero.

Mark, I wish you all the best (;)) for your future and what it may hold for you. It was a pleasure to get to know you and talk to you during the years we've been working together, and I'm looking forward to many more! Thank you for everything you've taught me and, by extension, everything you've done for us all. GameMaker and the GMC wouldn't be what they are without you.


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Oh my good gravy, what else can 2020 do to the world?!?!?
Truly though, congrats on what I assume is a spectacular job offer.
Absolute best of luck to you friend! <3


Good luck with whatever the next stage of your journey is mate, glad you are sticking around.

The GMC without Nocturne would be like a Sunday roast without gravy - just not quite right.


Well, that's quite the announcement. I'm sure whatever offer you took up was an excellent one, so I wish you the best of luck going forward!
Pick your eyes up mate, you'll lose them if you keep rolling them around like that.

slang wonderful; excellent: it's all gravy

So yes, Noc is indeed comparable to gravy. ;)
But is gravy really required for turkey to stand out?!?! ;)

My answer is a harsh yes! Turkey on its own is bland and flavourless; it's a receptacle for other flavours (yes, I know you're joking, I'm just riffing =P). It's not much on it's own, but combine that turkey (GMS, if the goddamn metaphor is not understandable) with a juicy delicious gravy... @Nocturne is a drizzly, flavourful, spontaneous, tender and delectable sauce for people to experience as they down a mouthful of GML. The beauty of being able to literally "read the docs" and understand a function is few and far between in programming languages.

I honestly don't know if yoyo actually understands what they are losing with nocturne going. The dude literally taught me programming through documentation. He (they, I try to stick to non-gendered pronouns since I don't know what gender people ascribe to online but I'm pretty sure nocturne doesn't mind the he) single handedly taught me enough about programming to read other programming languages.

Literally every iota of programming in my blood came from words that I've read from him.

From my point of view, I understand that there's literally not room for every "best structured" or "efficiently programmed" idea to exist in the documentation because every time I answer a question in the programming forums, I run into the problem of: "I could explain it in X way, but that will require 40 more lines, so I'll explain it in Y way which is roughly equivalent." However, those types of answers are few and far between in the docs. I've learnt more from the docs than I have from the forums...(Although, the counterpoint is I've learned more obscure knowledge from the forums than I have from the docs, but I think that's kinda the point of the can be 100% accurate all the time and obscure points don't squeak so they're less likely to be fixed).

Nocturne taught me how to code from nothing.

For free.

I literally cannot thank him enough. He gave me both a hobby and a career. He gave me understanding in a wasteland of knowledge. He gave me the ability to manipulate computers via my mind. Thank you @Nocturne!
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@Nocturne is a drizzly, flavourful, spontaneous, tender and delectable sauce for people to experience as they down a mouthful of GML.
Now I understand why Nocturne is taking a step back, it's so he gets a break from his adoring fans, it seems. :p

But I hope everything works out well for you Mr. Mark! And that you can either escape or get a restraining order against Refresher over there. ;)


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I have to say I'm a bit worried about what's gonna happen with Yoyo's formerly-close connection to the community now, with the ancient link severed.


Selfishly, that sucks. :p The GM Manual is one of the best manual's I've ever read. Thank you for writing it. I know I've been here shorter than most, but I'm glad you're sticking around the GMC. It wouldn't feel the same without you.


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I wish you the best of luck with what the future brings for you! Spread your wings and find a new way. Thanks for still staying on the GMC!


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Quick Nocturne! Go on a godministrator RAMPAGE, turning everyone's names into things like "fartman" and "assdude", you have nothing to lose now!


Hmmm, seems, Don Noc. is not joking this time, it was not a simple survey about personal fan base.

So…supply of our weekly intellectual material to be done by others, and us, mere mortals, almost Tyrant-less!!!
/Gulp! *drinks cocoa & throws in some pancakes full of unnamable sauces, with movements, hardly detectable to pure human eyes */

Almost a decade in an oasis, outside of boring IT fields;
plus able to create bombastic games;
established & enhanced the atmosphere of GMC in many ways;
has been engraved in the history of Gamedev, whose work will be read & blessed (not without reason) by thousands

...and even then, you level up!

Well, understandable, so good luck, and thanx for much help!



Thank you for all your hard work Nocturne. Wishing you the best of success on your new adventures in life.

Glad that you will still be around on the forums :)