Leaving Persistent Room: Do Destroy and Room End Events Trigger?

When the player leaves a persistent room for another (pause menu in my case) does the room end event trigger, or the instance destroy event trigger?

These events currently destroy ds_grids in some of my objects, and that would break the room if I return to it (by unpausing)?


Destroy events never trigger on leaving a room, persistent or not. This is why you should always do cleanup routines like ds_*_destroy() in the Cleanup event, never in the Destroy event.


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Can I just say that instead of asking here, you could have actually tested this by simply adding a few show_debug_message() calls into each event and then changing rooms...? I mean, yes we are here to help you as much as we can, but this kind of thing is easily tested and we are also here to encourage you to help yourself, as that's how you'll improve as a programmer. :)