Learning resources for RPG/Visuel novel style ?


Hello everyone,

this is my first post here so I'll quickly introduce myself : I'm a back-end web developer who's always loved video games but decided just recently to finally game dev. I've tried Unity a bit and enjoyed it but felt that it would be a bit overkill for the kind of games I'm interested in developing.

Anyway, I've followed a few tutorials about GM and really enjoy it so far. I'd be interested in making a sort of visual novel (well not really, but very text based) RPG. So, no physics involved. I'm having a hard time finding tutorials on resources on this specific subject. I can find tutorials on VN or 2D RPGs but I'm wondering if you guys have any advice about making this kind of game. I guess one good way to learn would be to just try and fail hard, but if anyone has advices or resources to share about this kind of game, I'd be very interested in it.

Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry if this question has already been asked.