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iOS Leaderboards not working after grouping

Discussion in 'Programming' started by TheSly, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. TheSly

    TheSly Member

    Jan 16, 2017
    Wondering if anyone has experience in grouping IOS Leaderboards?

    I created my app as a lite version with ads and a working Leaderboard system. Then later created a full version as a separate purchase, not using IAP (which is probably a mistake in hindsight). Both are the same code, but with just one flag difference. Both had working leaderboards, but the leaderboards were identical, including each Leaderboard ID.

    So I then grouped them into a combined leaderboard system and also ensured both apps were listed under Multiplayer compatibilty in Itunes Connect > App Store > IOS APP. They show up correctly in IC as grouped.

    Now the lite version works completely fine. The full version displays the correct leaderboard scores, but it won't post to it. I see the GM logs and the scores are being sent, but the leaderboard never updates. I've contacted Apple support and they are investigating, but wanted to see if anyone had experience with the grouping of leaderboards, and if there was anything I'm missing.

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