Latest Humble Assets bundle available - this time it's loops and soundtracks...


I've just bought it at the £20 tier - it's definitely NOT one of their strongest bundles, and mostly by the same artist, but still seems great value even if you just find a few tracks for your game in there!...

Nearly 9GB, and 700+ audio files - loops and tracks (including variations, mind) for £20 (or lower tier prices), usable in games, videos, content, etc - found a few I like already... I particularly like "Close Your Eyes" - simple track, but definitely usable somewhere... :)

Details Here!

Again, I don't have any affiliation with HB... ...just figured it would be remiss of me to not highlight this to my fellow GMS'ers... :)

Can't attach the files listing as too large in characters (I tried), but all content is listed, and tracks are previewable, from the link... :)
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