GMS 2 Latest Beta, congratulations....


I must have tried everything to make it crash and it hasn't yet. The startup lag, when this happened you were guaranteed a crash, doesn not happen anymore. I've tried my best to make it crash but can't.

The File dialogue window bug where you would not see the File Dialogue window open, this one would kill my mood big time when it happened, has of yet, with the new beta, not happened.

Believe me, other features aside, tvOS etc, the crashing seems to have been taken care of.

Just wanted to say thanks. So, thanks.

That's all. :)

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
I never had this problem or any of the ones i usually hear complained about, the only thing i have is an unusable Mac IDE installed on my Macbook still when I probably should've just given up on them fixing the issue and deleted it.

But hey, lucky you.