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Last Days of Atlantis is a remake of the retro game Atlantis from Imagic that was on the Atari 2600, Intellivision, Atari 800, and various other systems. This game is a mix of the Atari 2600, 800, and Intellivision versions. With your mouse, control the cursor on the screen and shoot the invading Gorgon aliens before they get a chance to wipe out your underwater civilization.

If you're familiar with Missile Command, the game is similar in some respects to it. A shot is fired from the cannon towards your crosshair when a fire button is pressed. With your Sentinel Saucer, you have a better defense, but its fuel is limited, so use it sparingly.

Download: MediaFire, Game Jolt (Game Jolt page featuring an unused music track)

Difficulty options:
- Easy: Slowest enemies, Bandits don’t appear during the first night and destroy other ships when shot
- Normal: Normal speed enemies, Bandits don’t appear during the first night
- Hard: Faster enemies, Bandits appear in the first night
- Contest: Fastest enemies, Bandits appear during the first night and destroy other ships when shot. Also different font and scoring.

A few words about the game. Atlantis was one of the first games I wanted to remake but I dropped the project due to lack of motivation (it was gonna be in a package with a Missile Command and Exed Exes remake, though that one was solely based on the 2600 version). This one here is completely redone cause I no longer have the files for my old version (other than the screenshot below), graphics or the game, though I tried to imitate the original style I had, with some improvements.

There are things I wasn’t terribly happy about but with the direction I’m taking it, I feel I’ve done the best I could without ruining the game or having to do a completely do-over which would probably cause me to lose motivation for finishing this game entirely (long story on that), so I wanted to do the smaller fixes and push this game along to be released.

Concept art:
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Version 2 uploaded. If you lose all your settlements but you have reached the next 1000 points, the game won't be lost immediately and you would get a rebuild at the coming level break.


I really like the spotlight idea. Explosion sounds are sometimes a bit too much and sometimes a bit muffled. Other sounds are cool though and fit the visual style.


The night time scene with the flood light effects is really good.
I scored 643...and made it up to level 5.
Missile Command is one of my favorite old time games. (Never played Atlantis before...although I did own an Atari 2600.)

Some of the sounds were a little overpowering (mainly when the tiny jets came out)

My suggestions:
1) Better sound effect for the tiny jets.
2) A more detailed Play Button on the title screen...instead of just a white circle. Examples:



Thanks for the feedback and telling me your progress! Remember you could use the saucer for help in emergencies.

I made a bug fix. Before, the game wouldn't end if you had rebuild selected and scored over 1000 points. That should be now fixed in version 2.1.

The start button was actually based off of the Intellivision 16-way disc (the contemporary joysticks back then were only 8-way at most), but yeah, I suppose a play button might be more fitting.

As for the "jet" (Bandit) sound I intended for it to be somewhat of a "fix" of the original Atari 2600 and 8-bit versions, since the original sounds stopped whenever you fired. Thanks for the suggestion again though, I'm only writing my original intention, not saying yours isn't good.
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Update: As per comments, it's now made such that the UFO doesn't need to touch the ground to redock and that you can't dock the UFO immediately after launching by mistake.


I’m finding most people publish windows here. Not much for the Mac? I guess windows is 90% of users?