GMS 2.3+ Large memory leaks?


So I guess in my game people will exit/load a bunch of times to reroll something or retry an event - and each time this happens, there is a 25MB memory leak, which you would think would be easy to find... đŸ˜‚
As far as I can tell, I clean up everything when exiting the main "play loop" (going to main menu), but I must be missing something.

Is there an easy way to identify where this happens using the debugger?
Any info appreciated :)


Friendly Tyrant
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There is no really easy way I'm afraid. However, have you stress tested the issue to see if it'll eventually crash the game? I've seen the memory on my projects go up and up on restart and then suddenly clear before going up again, and I believe that the memory has actually been de-registered, but just not cleared for use until the OS decides it's required (or something like that! It was explained to me a long time ago and the actual details are vague). If the game will eventually crash, then yes, you do have a memory leak, but if it doesn't then it's probably just an engine/OS thing.