Legacy GM Large, animated sprites



I'm about to animate a boss at a size around 400x350. Should I be worried about the amount of frames when it comes to the texture pages or something?

I know if my sprite is too big it will be scaled down. But if I have my boss sprite set to a texture page and have 30 frames, so that it exceeds the texture size, will that cause downscaling and other problems?


do the math ^^
if you force all of them on one texture page it could be easly ok if you use 4k texture page (works on windows, I don't think they work on all mobile but should on most recent - saying that as in your signature 2 of your banners are for android)
8*8 = 64 sprites and 8*400 = 3200pixels, 8*350 = 2800 even if you add the margin for each sprite you are good. :)