Asset - Project Large action rpg game




A (unfinished) game maker studio 2 action rpg game project with:

Talent tree (you move to talent tree rooms and then when you move to your current location in the room before it, everything gets saved in the talent tree).

Enemies that bleed and vanish after death (shader)

Inventory and shop

Water shader

Encrypted save, save when you want.

Bosses that can be further enhanced with your code.

40+ items

Enemies can do different amount of damage depending on what sprite it uses.

All enemies do different things (i.e. like moving alongside walls or just moving normally)

Enemies have visible health bars too.

All you need to do to make enemies walk smart is put the object icon "E" around the room.

Object shadowing (if you don't want shadows, this can be further coded into just seeing the player and enemies behind objects).

2 playable characters (on the same object).

4 player skills, 2 each.


Health and energy bar.

Experience bar.

Leveling (i.e. you need level 3 to equip a sword).

When clicking to move, the hero makes a short dialogue sound (out of like 4).


And much more.

End note: Please support BulleTech for his wonderful inventory and the shop I bought from him through a request if you use this engine.
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