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  1. Hi, all!

    I`m a developer of Land of Echoes and as big fan of post-apocalyptic theme eventually I decided to make it more complex and immersive and added a bunch of new features. The video shows you what is done so far to give you the maximum information about my project:

    Short description:
    - realistic survival system where each step is relevant;
    - changing weather conditions, food poisoning, diseases, radiation, injuries, pain, bleeding, physical condition, morale etc.
    - create camps to rest, cook food, craft items or medicine;
    - many fellow survivors to talk, trade or fight with;
    - huge amount of different items and gadgets with own stats and values (Clothing, Vehicle parts, Food, Drinks, Medicine, Tools, Bags, Armor, Weapons with attachments and many more);
    - vehicle with fuel and oil consumption. Spare parts and tools are needed to repair.
    - detailed, realistic map and moody locations;

    ...and of course
    - No monsters, no zombies, no last boss etc.!
    - No magic, no paranormal events!
    sorry [​IMG]


    Comments, thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated - every little bit of support matters.
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  2. Very good job :)
  3. Thanks for checking it out. I'm really glad You liked it ;)

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