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Alpha Land Of Adui V.0.0.2

Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by Necavare, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    Welcome to the Land Of Adui. In this game you can go on quests to find magical new items or just play around with friends and build a cool house. My vision for this game is for it to be a sandbox mixed with a rogue like. Let me know what you think of it.

    Let me say that I am not sure if I can title this game with alpha yet. There are still many features that I need to get working so It will definitely be in Alpha for awhile.

    CURRENT UPDATE - V.0.0.2
    Yes everyone we are on Alpha V.0.0.2. I really wish I had more time to work on this game because the updates would have a lot more things in them. So in this update I have added a few new features. I would like to talk about what some of them are and what my plans are. Right now the crafting system currently has its own screen. I would like to change that by putting it on the left side of the screen and having it always be there. Another thing is the concept of the wielding screen. This is on when you open your inventory. Right now it is only a concept but I hope to get it working soon along with items you can craft and wear. These are the two major things I will be focusing on in the weeks to come. Again I wish I had more time to spend on developing this game but this is not a full time thing at the moment. Anyways I hope everyone enjoys the update.

    2017.09.17-23.05.png 2017.09.17-23.05_01.png 2017.09.17-23.06.png 2017.09.17-23.06_01.png 2017.09.17-23.06_02.png

    WASD - Walk around
    Spacebar - Boost/Sprint
    Tab - Switch between inventory/crafting
    Left Click - Action
    Right Click - Place blocks and resources on the ground
    Shift + Right Click - Remove resources from the ground
    12345 - Selecting the hotbar slot

    - Added stamina being depleted after sprinting
    - Added some water sprites
    - Added sprite for when the player is swimming
    - Changed tree sprites. 2 different trees
    - Changed rock sprites . 4 different rocks
    - Added the ability to mine rocks
    - Added sound when mining rocks
    - Added animation when mining rocks
    - Added indicators for what screen your on inventory/crafting/wielding menus
    - Added the ability to craft a wood wall
    - Can now place wood walls and destroy wood walls
    according to how many you have in your inventory.
    - Added the selection of inventory slots 12345
    - Added the ability to swim in the water
    - Added day/night cycles. They only last around 20 seconds for debugging purposes.
    - Added campfires that light up at night.
    - Can now place logs, sticks, and rocks into stacks with right click.
    - Can remove them by shift+rightclick.
    - Added indicator for how many of an item are in a stack.
    - Added info cards to show info of an item.
    - Hold right click on an item in inventory to see the info.
    - Added new type of grass
    - Added new type of object grass
    - Added new tree
    - Added seeds!
    - You can now pickup seeds, look at their descriptions, and plant them.
    - Seeds grow trees after a certain amount of time.
    - Added grass that you can destroy with leftClick
    - Added experiment wizard enemy. He just attacks if you are close but you cant die.
    - Added 3d sound to firepit
    - Might have missed a few so youll have to find them yourself ;)

    And Finally the download :D It is just a .zip file so if you have winrar you can open it and click on the executable.

    Also dont go to the edge of the map or it moves items around in the gui in a weird way. Still havent added box around the map so you cant go to the edge.​
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 2, 2017
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  2. WarpDogsVG

    WarpDogsVG Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    Hmm, so what's your vision for this game? Survival? Or something else entirely?
  3. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    My hope is that it will be a game with survival in it and also kind of a rogue-like. I want to fill the world with dungeons and other things that can randomly spawn. So you and some friends and build a really cool base and survive but also go and do these dungeons that get you really powerful items. I am kinda thinking a sandbox mixed with a dungeon crawler in a way.
  4. Kerv

    Kerv Member

    Aug 7, 2016
    Love the UI art style, the font looks cool on everything but the options menu, very hard to read the controls. My other suggestion would be not having the cursor position effected by the screen shake, having it shake off the tree your clicking on is very annoying. Didn't notice any bugs, liking the clean style. Keep it up :)
  5. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    Thanks man. The controls menu is really just a place holder for now. Also ive been trying to fix the cursor not shaking. Hopefully it will be fixed by my next update.
  6. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    Land of Adui Alpha V.0.0.1 Game play here.
  7. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    Today ive been working on info cards to give you crafting recipes of the item your hovering over and other information. You can turn it on and off with right click.
  8. DividingByZero

    DividingByZero Member

    Jan 31, 2017
    I really like the look of the gameplay on this one - I am big fan of survival games. I also really like the art direction, also a big fan of retro-style games. I will try to give it a go soon and give you some feedback.
  9. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    Today I have been working on placing logs into stacks. I am still deciding how the crafting system is going to work. Im trying to think of a different crafting system than the one in the current download. Ill post when I figure that out though. :D
  10. mikix

    mikix Member

    May 2, 2017
    Idea is nice. The view and size of the everything is very RTSish. But you just control one character... Interesting. I have played Don't Starve Together with someone and this resembles it. Will be interesting to see what you come up with that the latter didn't think of. What lacked in DST was the locked appearances for every class and you couldn't build houses (f.ex. barracks that can recruit soldiers would be helpful or your very own customizeable house) We didn't feel like playing more after a couple of hours too.

    Keep up at it! It took me just one month to make a design document presentable.
  11. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    So ive been experimenting with some different colors today and I was wondering if you could tell me which one you like better.
    2017.09.25-16.04_02.png 2017.09.25-16.05.png

    You can either comment or vote here.
    There is an option to vote for both and that would be both of the color schemes being implemented eventually. There would be a toggle in game to which one you would like.
  12. Necavare

    Necavare Guest


    Heres a little glimpse of the wielding screen that im working on. So right now there is a head, body, legs, and feet slot. There are also 2 slots above them. The slot on the right is for your hand, so like picaxes, axes, and anyother tool goes there. And the slot on the left is a weapon slot which is pretty self explanatory. You will not be able to equip a weapon and a tool at the same time. However you will be able to switch between them using Q. Anyways thats all ive got as of recently. None of the slots are currently working of course. Just seeing how it looks for now.
  13. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    Today I started working on enemies. In this gif I show off how the enemy can move around and also shoot fireballs at me if I get to close. I have some more enemies already designed just not implemented. I will start trying to get a simple enemy AI working so theres actually a challenge in this game for when night time comes.

    And heres a scaled up image of the wizard because its a bit hard to see in the gif.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2017
  14. Necavare

    Necavare Guest

    We are in Alpha V.0.0.2 you can download the new version and look at all of the changes in the newly updated change log at the top of the screen. Enjoy!

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