Labyrinth - "Survival" RPG - Updated Nov 24th


------===== LABYRINTH =====------

Hello and thanks for checking the thread out!

About the game:

This is an RPG with a focus on surviving between battles. No resting, no NPC shops, just killing monsters for material which you use to buy and cast spells and upgrade your weapon and armour.

You'll choose from one of 8 characters with their own reasons for being in the labyrinth and their own story to follow.

How can I help?

If you would like to play test the game and give feedback that would be an immense help. I'll watch video recordings if you make them.

Download Link v1.1
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looks cool as ****, but the controls are all over the place and kind of confusing honestly.

Namely, the upgrade screen. I have no idea what I am looking at. What is the cos? Cost? Cost of what? Hp? Exp which isn't displayed?


Upgrading the weapon will increase attack damage whilst upgrading the armour will increase defence.
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On the back of some feedback (and things I already knew but didn't implement) I've made some changes (still have a ways to go!);

The changes are as follow:
  • Made monster spawn times slower
  • Added icons to indicate what buttons to Add / Delete / Change case in Name Creator
  • Added icons to indicate what to press to open the menu (until opening it for the first time) or to go back
  • Added a "Character Select" menu with a bit of flavour text for each character when starting a new game
  • Reduced volume of a few sounds
  • Changed "angel sprite" icon in Name Creator - can't believe I left that placeholder in ><
  • Added message for gamepad detected/not detected/unplugged (only xbox 360 atm)
  • Added analog stick controls (I only ever had d-pad support before this... lol)
The next things I want to add are as follows:
  • Some kind of orb which shows monsters trying to attack the player ala 7th Saga style
  • Difficulty options and/or options to change how the battles work (mainly Chance to Run / Running costing something but giving 100% chance || Pause when players turn or not || Indicators for Monsters HP / AB Bar)
  • Storylines based on the character chosen at the start (so 8 different stories to follow with maybe a few quests as part of that)
  • Support for more controllers
I uploaded the latest version to dropbox which you can find here


I was waiting for some story elements to be added to the game but it seems that will take a while so... in an effort to prevent anyone else having to deal with some annoyingly fast spawns, I uploaded the latest version.

  • GUI Improvements (Hopefully things are clearer now!)
  • "Monster Orb" you can see monsters running around in an orb so you can try to avoid them or engage them
  • More sound effects