Kool Gems demo


Hugh Patrick Greene

Greetings all. I last posted about a mystery game project i was embarking. I started it off with the help of a fellow community member. It was progressing well but along the was I changed the graphics from a 2d perspective to a 3D one. There will still be other elements that will remain 2D. However this change will affect what i have already laid out for the game.

Along the way, i have started another project named KOOL GEMS: THE COLLECTIVE SAGA. It's a match 3 demo with the goal is to acquire as much score you can within a 2 minute period. It's just a demo so don't expect too much. However the full version will have many more features, like un-lockable levels, achievements, more special effects, more gems, puzzles and much more.

I'm gearing it towards the Christmas season, but depending on time (as I'm working now), we'll see how things come out.

As always I appreciate your input, comments and criticisms. You can see a video of the game by clicking on the above link. Pictures of the game are here. Be cool and be blessed.