Free Klomanager - Regurgitated 0.70 Alpha

Hello fellow developers,

this is my first post here and i wanted to present you my latest game project. Its the remake of a silly economic simulation dealing with toilets (toilet = Klo in German) that was first done in 1994 for the Atari ST and then moved to the PC in 2000. This time its aimed at Windows, Android and Linux, but other plattforms might follow. It is done with GameMaker 2.

Update 29.5.2020: In addition to the new map element "Sanitary board" there are now random events and the new achievement "Snitch" as well as several small improvements and bugfixes.

Current key features are:
  • Get dirty rich with other peoples needs
  • Research of 24 cutting edge toilet technologies
  • Equip your toilets and expand your toiletitarian system
  • Sabotage against your opponents with pukers and destroyers
  • Use the sanitary board to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents
  • Play on different maps
  • Get all game intern achievements
Get the latest version of the game for free here:

The chilling control scene:

And this is what it looks like:

RandomEventENG.jpg SnitchENG.jpg




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Was 'n ScheiƟ! Ich glaub ich muss den Kack mal anzocken! ;)

I've heard of those old toilet sim games, but have never played one.
I like the funny download icons for Android and Windows.
Is there a reason you didn't export the game as a zip file, instead of an installer executable?
Trying out the apk instead. I'll give you my feedback soon.
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First of all I'd like to notify that you can play this game in English!
(or German)

Feedback: Stinkin' good. It's good that I have it on mobile because the game-play is very chill.
The title graffiti animation is taking very long on my device.

This certain quirky theme doesn't resonate with me too much, but I can imagine doing one play through in this ?unspoiled? setting. For some people it will be too gross, but many love this type of stuff. I see opportunity in Japan too but I'm guessing this is more of a retro homage thing.
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Hi melerski,

thanks for taking the time and looking at the game.

I thought an installer is way more convenient for users as also non-developers access the alpha version.

The title animation is running at a normal speed in my GameMaker but the "exported" versions both WIndows and Android are slow. Its on my todo list to look into ways to improvve this, but other things have priority right now.

The topic of the game is definitly a matter of (bad) taste, more so here than in others. But it has its fans.

And yes the game is completely playable in English or German which you can choose on the title screen:

WorkspaceAlotment_1.jpg Minds14-11-2018_1.jpg
Game intern achievements will spice up Klomanager from the next version on. The office also reflects my work ethics quite well :p

Working on a new update on this game. This time you will encounter the sanitary board. So brush your bowls in the evening...šŸš½

After a long time its finally done! Update to 0.70 has arrived.

Like always thanks to anyone here who helped me with issues and all those who reported bugs.

For new screenshots or a video impression see the first post of this thread. Have fun!