Kirby's Dream Land 1- Help



Hey guys, my name is MegaGamer99 and I need some help.

Recently, I'm working on a remake of Kirby's Dreamland to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of Kirby in 2017. But before the remake and the possible bonus material, I needed to recreate the original Game Boy version first to set up as a base.

Here is a link to my engine if you want to see what problems I need help with. Keep in mind that It's a work in progress:

BTW, I'm using Game Maker 8.1, because something went screwy with Game Maker studio when I upgrade to Windows 10, and when I tried to download it from the Yoyo Games website, they asked for me to sign up and they wouldn't accept my email address.

If you want, we can collaborate together on this KDL1 project, and I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you for your time and good luck! ;)

Copyright Disclaimer:

Kirby, Kirby's Dream Land and other related properties are (R) Nintendo/ Hal Laboratories, Inc./ Masahiro Sakurai. Game Boy is (R) Nintendo.


Hi and welcome to the GMC!

As much as I would like to help you,
you'll need to give specific issues in order for us to know what we can help you with.

Do you have specific issues implementing certain systems in your project?
Then tell us about these specific issues.

Do you want advice concerning your current state of the project?
Well, I could do that, but I fear it would eventually lead to redoing pretty much everything done so far,
as, for example, you use a collision system that doesn't offer much control over what happens.

Are you looking for people to work together with on this project,
then you've posted this in the wrong section of the GMC.
You should go to Collaboration, read the guidelines and post a team request there.

Concerning the trouble with downloading GM:S, you could contact yoyogames about it on the main site on the bottom of the main page.
This is a link to the contact page.


Thank you for these answers to a couple of my problems, Jo-thijs. I may consider starting over the project in order for this to happen.