Free Kingdom Lost

Hello everyone, we are group of two, working on our first project Kingdom Lost. It's a story driven RPG and we are trying to make it open world as much as possible. Combat is like a turn based combat with some button mashing which makes it fast paced after you decide your actions.
Player is controlling Leana, who is the princess of Kingdom of Drynnor. Castle is under attack by a kingdom named Mauthiel, so Leana escapes. After she makes her escape, founds an ally and they start working together towards goal, which is defeating Mauthiel, then establishing Drynnor again.
I should say that writing a story is not my strong point, I'm just improving as I go. You can have other characters in your party, but currently you can't get them in the game normally, only by debug commands, so you'll be able to fight enemies with 4(maybe more) people in future by hiring them or making them your allies through the story and side quests.

About us
I started to learn GM in May 2018, I started this project as a platformer, then I decided to go in a different direction. This is my learning project at the same time, so I had to go through my code tons of times.
My partner is also drawing pixel art for the first time, she was mainly creating digital and traditional art before. It was really frustrating for her at the beginning.
We both improved lot in nearly 1.5 years, but we still have lot to improve.

Why Patreon?
We choose Patreon because we want to involve people as much as we can in it's current state and we also want to give our patreon special benefits in future.
There is no reason to pay us except showing your support and appreciation. Any feedback is just as valuable for us. I'm not a type of person who likes to promote his stuff, I don't like to ask people for their money, I just want to see people enjoy our game and I also want to enjoy it, but that doesn't change the fact that we need money, unfortunately.

Also I want to thank everyone in the Gamemaker Community Discord channel for their support, especially rubber duckies, for their help(and many others, for their tutorial videos on youtube).

You can check our Patreon, Discord and check our game at Google Play, or Game Jolt. Thanks for you time!

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