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Android keystore save issues [Kinda fixed?]


Get Key failed: Given final block not properly padded. Such issues can arise if a bad key is used during decryption.

im lost on what to do from here.. it was working till i moved the keystore file.. i didnt want that file anyway as info is wrong..

its hashing fine and seems to read the hash fine.. password is fine.. what do i do now? :/

im on steam gms2 mobile (porting to android)

ok so iv just found i can create a keystore on the desktop and it works but not in my documents folder.. this seems like a file location issue -.-

right iv seem to have fixed it by doing the following:
1. rebooting pc
2. lunching steam and loading gms2 from there (i have shortcut on desktop)
3. making new keystore before loading game in gms2
4. closing gms2
5. booting gms2 from steam again

im guessing this is a bug that needs to be looked into..
alos it was putting my old keystore info in even after putting new info in and saving.