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Im developing an app for iOS that uses the keyboard_string to input text into text fields, this works beautifully in Windows/Mac OS but if i port it to iOS (iPAD) for some reason you cannot reset the keyboard_string to "".

Currently my code will take a string entered from the keyboard_string then process it through another variable and reset the keyboard string:

if keyboard_string <> ""
     var __add = keyboard_string;
     keyboard_string = "";
     add_to_text = true;
In iOS the keyboard_string does not reset to "" and this leads to the keyboard_string being added each time from what it previously was and exponentially adds to the text box with every key stroke.

Has anyone had this problem before?


EDIT: Bug has been reported and yoyo are looking at it, link to bug is here:
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I've not seen this before, but it sounds like a bug and as such I'd report it to YYG. You can do this from the "Help" menu in GMS. Please also supply a download link to a YYZ of the project that shows the issue.


Sounds like the opposite to this bug from way back:

Just tested this and can confirm keyboard_string doesn't reset on iOS, and keyboard_lastchar and keyboard_lastkey also don't appear to work as intended as _lastchar repeats infintely even when cleared and put inside a _lastkey logic check (as per the code example in the manual).

On Android keyboard_string seems to work correctly, but keyboard_lastkey and keyboard_lastchar show the same behaviour as on iOS.

OP could you post the link to the bug report in this thread when you get a response please?

Seems like the _lastchar bug is already logged, appears it's read-only when using the virtual keyboard on mobile.
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